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looked in the mirror and said “what’s up?”

I really have absolutely nothing to talk about these days, do i? A lot of random things have happened the past month and its already June which is quite depressing because the year is almost halfway done. On that same note i decided not to make anymore resolutions for myself because let’s cross the bridge when we get to it.

I guess what’s most noteworthy this month is the farewell of one of my colleagues who’s leaving to join SQ as a cadet. that is the dream


Other random things I’ve done this month is going to have ice cream at Creamier at Gillman Barracks. I absolutely loved the kaya toast ice cream with the waffles. That place is a pretty nice  place to hang out at too if it’s not crowded and we really liked the live green/crawling plants wall inside the shop. It costs a bomb to have one of those I think and I might even consider putting greens in our new place even. I was really against it in the past because greens need attention and attract insects πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ anyhow, since GB is so near my place I’d probably go they’re again soon for their waffles again soon and will ponder again when I see the green wall.


Another new place I tried was The Malayan Council.




I enjoyed the “gado salad” and it is probably the best thing I’ve eaten in a while because there were fries and quail eggs in that “salad” HAHAHA and the dressing was so yummy. B loved the chicken wings and we shared (sort of) the burger. Sharing meant he ate most of the truffle fries and I had most of the patty because I ordered a “medium” patty and my food critic bf only eats beef cooked to the soot like Ayam Penyet Ria’s Empal dish. What a waste of good beef so I’m never eating steak with him. The only miss I had with that burger was the sambal ikan bilis because I don’t find that they go together but that’s what experimenting with my palate is about right? I also didn’t take any of the bread because I was already so full. Maybe we over ordered or the portions were too huge. We shared the three dishes and couldn’t go for the dessert which was a waste because the everyone was raving about the ondeh-ondeh cake. I guess there will be a next time because I’m curious to try their other fusion-y dishes. Although I will steer clear of their asam pedas fish and chips. HAHAHA. I’m sorry asam pedas lovers I really really abhor asam pedas until the depths of my black soul I ABHOR it.

Since we are on the topic of food and new places…

I finally managed to go to Kilang Bateri in JB with B’s family to celebrated the belated April birthdays (I received a giant Yankee candle and I looove scented candles!) and a promotion in the family. We had the shell out thing which was really awesome and yes I would go back again.



Met up with my ATC batchmates for a Japanese buffet. I really really love Japanese food and I had a lot of fun catching up with them, especially after we are all separated into tower and area arerrandnd different watches. It’s almost impossible to get everyone out but I’m glad we always try πŸ™‚


I caught a rerun (?) of the Clockwork Orange it is one of my favourites dystopian classics along with BNW and some others at the Projector which was great except I wish their seats were more comfortable. I quite like it there even though I’ve only been there 3 times now. More to come hopefully when there’s a movie I’ve really been wanting to watch. I have an old soul it seems because I hardly catch all the newer ones so far this year (except Xmen and Zootopia I really loved them lol)


Mom also picked her new place during the En-bloc exercise. I’m impressed by most of the flats this time. Mostly premium flats, fit for a premium location I think. She picked a pretty high floor (out of 47!) with a balcony. Lol. Exciting times for her, my sister and myself as we are all getting new homes in the next few years! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— also i felt a little cheated because I found better options in the SOBF exercise recently. But I guess I’ll have to accept what it is and hopefully make an even better choice for our next home. We kinda decided that we may explore other options like staying in the east (thanks to me) and different housing types but again, we will cross that bridge when we get to it because again, things may change.

What else, what else.

Work has been, as always, exciting to me. And I feel like it’s about to get more exciting and nerve wrecking later this year and in 2017 for me. Hopefully not too nervewrecking. I just gotta put my mind into it and take the next step. Lol

What’s next to do in this month and the next…

I think B and I need to start to pick up where we left off for the wedding. We have not done a single thing but just talk and talk about it. Ramadan is coming and my favourite festive season of the year Raya is coming. I absolutely love Raya because of all the food (duh), the new clothes, I even like my tired self after going for Jalan raya. And pasang muka pasang rambut before going out (fix face fix hair lol) And putting money in the money packets for kids hahaha. I take these things seriously!

I take Raya so seriously guys but the one thing B and I haven’t done in our years together and would probably only do after we are married is to get our Baju Raya to match. Or maybe we might not. We can only get this done after digging up for our older ones. Our one matching pair was the one we wore for Syarfique’s and Yati’s wedding!

Why this happens is because my bf gives very little attention (I wanted to say Fs but it’s rude) to his Baju raya and he will always end up buying them at the eleventh hour. I’m not even kidding. When I see couples in the same colored Baju and think wow how committed.

Also I’m starting to get a lil more vocal nowadays. Mostly at home. I’m not sure what’s sparking off this change. I took the 16 personality test again recently and I’m still an INFJ-T. I wonder if anyone has changed in personality in their 20s. Or 30s. Or maybe not because the core should remain the same right? I don’t know but I would take the test again every few years maybe.

Also.. horoscopes lol I always love reading horoscopes. I’m an Aries-Taurus cusp and it really frustrates me sometimes. And lately Lin input my time of birth into a website to tell me about my moon ir something like that. Ill ask her again. Its Gemink but i forgot what the implications were LOLOL. Of course I know I should take all these things with a pinch of salt but I think they do give me some sort of insight on myself and my choices actually.

Ok that’s all I have to say this time.


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