2016 · Occasions


I turned 28 last Wednesday, the same day of the week I was born on back in 1988.

Believe it or not I’ve met the man who delivered me from my mom.. a tall man with long fingers (lol) who was an Assoc Prof when I took his course. When I told him he didn’t seem surprised by it because he said he has delivered babies out of patients whose moms were his patients in NUH. He must be really old and God bless him for his years. Don’t I love these prologues?

I wish I could be less excited for my birthday because I know I’m getting a little older. I should be.. right, considering how adult kids are these days. Ten years ago and for 3 (or 4 years) after that i spent my birthdays in a whole different world; different places and time and faces I don’t quite remember anymore– they were all quite different from my birthdays after the 25th one. (I don’t even think people my age are relevant on social media anymore.)

They are all good memories, don’t think I’ve had a bad birthday. Lol. But it’s been 10 years since my 18th. I never looked back at my 8th when I was 18th quite the same way. So much time in between and I think I’m quite ready to try to grow up. I never see the late 20s as old enough because when I groan and complain about life to my mom and I’m glad she loves me enough to take care of me still. Thanks mom! I even think 30 is pretty young still and life truly begins at 40. I said I’ll try. Sorry I’m still excited about my birthday.

I got my first cake this year by my colleagues as part of the usual monthly birthdays celebration. This time it was Swensen’s ice cream cake which was super 😆


My bf made the trip to my place to surprise me on the eve of my birthday so he could be the first to wish me at midnight ha ha. I had pretty good coffee the day after and Mexican for dinner. Apart from my 21st, I think I’ve spent all my birthdays in my 20s with him. What is it like to have celebrated the whole chunk of my date-able years’ birthday with one guy? I think you can ask me again next year or the following one when I turn 30. Lol


The day after I went to work (yay me) in the morning and absolutely couldn’t wait to get off work to head to the South Beach for a stion with my 2 nasty sisters because the 3 of us share the same birth month. I have my dad to thank for suggesting this place in the first place. It was more than super! 🙂 My favourite part is the pool mainly because we were the only ones there and there was not much swimming to be done. Just lounging. Lol


My girls and I managed to get together for dessert and cheese! I’m so grateful because it usually takes forever to decide and get a date where all of us are free. HAHA you know being adult and all makes it almost almost impossible to meet everyone anytime anymore.


My mother decided to host a steamboat /get session with the family at the comfort of her own home. 😂 on a serious note it’s really because my grandfather is getting more easily tired these days. She even got her own steamboat thingy and I really really enjoyed ‘cooking’ on that flat pan. I’m a simple human being. 😁 it was also a good reason to celebrate my uncle’s birthday which was the day after mine, my grandfather’s (in March) and my brother in law who was also a fellow April baby


That’s my oily pan of a forehead and my sister!

Finally and hopefully my last binge eating session and celebration at Carousel with Yati and Syarfique, whose birthday is just a day before mine. (So many April babies!)


(Lord have mercy on the lighting and how weird it made me look)

After all this time I still enjoy the buffet for their Japanese section and their desserts mainly. I am pretty much set with just these things on my plate. And oysters.. I can also have a couple of them.

Basically, since last Wednesday I ate to my heart’s content -Kim K crying face-

Just kidding I love eating!



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