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#shonilyas in 2: pre wedding photoshoot and the invitation frenzy

We had the honour of having Syarfique for our pre-wedding shoot. And of course Yati who was there to help me with everything I needed that day. I remembered it being a real hot day (early December. What!!) Here are the out – takes! I actually loved these too because they were mostly candid 😂… Continue reading #shonilyas in 2: pre wedding photoshoot and the invitation frenzy

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Huitième Année / 27 

December is really special for my bf and I because we celebrate ❤ double happiness ❤ it’s our anniversary and his birthday month  (Also Christmas and the school holidays and new years eve. Good god). Of course come next year, I don’t think we will remember December as an anniversary month anymore. As usual I’m… Continue reading Huitième Année / 27 

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#shonilyas in 3 – priorities (a post overdue)

I realise it’s already December and I’ve put on hold a good number to things-to-do because I really needed to focus on my course. I’m sure I’ve been in this situation before but I can’t remember how I felt exactly back then but passing my first course felt like the happiest thing back in 2013.… Continue reading #shonilyas in 3 – priorities (a post overdue)

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#shonilyas in 4 – all at once

This post will be dedicated to the places I’d like to go for the honeymoon. This might be a little tricky because I will be on my OJT so I’m pretty sure I won’t be going for long, or maybe not at all (until i pass). See, this is what I haven’t thought about.  Also, this… Continue reading #shonilyas in 4 – all at once

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#shonilyas in 5 – less traction, more push

Here I start my posting about the wedding. I wouldn’t normally write about it because I don’t know what to say in my posts. Some of my friends say or think I might be too relaxed for someone getting married in ~ 5 months but I honestly don’t think I’ll like myself if I get… Continue reading #shonilyas in 5 – less traction, more push