1. Know my body (part 1)
  2. Get an Apartment (part 1)
  3. 100 Book Challenge (post)
  4. Get a driving license (post)
  5. Experience the sunrise and sunset in one day (Post)
  6. Learn a new language (post)
  7. Finish reading/learning the Al-Quran
  8. Plan a wedding
  9. Learn to ride a bicycle (LOL)
  10. Live as naturally as I can
  11. Got myself married! 
  12. Cook a 3 course meal
  13. Cook something from an unfamiliar cuisine
  14. Bring Mom on a holiday
  15. Bring Dad on a holiday
  16. Be a full fledged Air Traffic Controller
  17. Build up a good skin care regime
  18. Learn to bake