Syaza Shonilia and I’m 28 this year in sunny Singapore. 

I push tins in the air for a living, an ex-trolley dolly, and I majored in European studies in University. 

I absolutely LOVE sleeping, good coffee, occasionally indulging in shopping and beauty treatments, all sorts of music.  I’m pretty easy to please. I sound like a complete airhead sometimes. I know you’re judging me already. 

From the feedback of my friends, I would think I’m the sort of person who seem unapproachable or shy at first but I’m the total opposite because I’m really silly and I can talk about anything once I take my time to warm up to you. I can be pretty opinionated (or you may call me a complete bitch) but I reserve that for my fights with the bf. 

I try my best to credit all photos on my blog. If you found that the photos are yours and you’re not credited, pls let me know 🙂


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