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6 month mark

This is where i finally receive my wedding video (in a form of an internet link), for us to view and flag out stuff to edit and yea i did flag out some parts. Overall, im 97% happy with the end product. 3% goes to the fact that they take a really really long time. 6 months since the wedding and about ~1.5month after it was supposed to be due. I’d say, you’ll be happy with the product but if waiting isn’t your thing, it’s better to find another vendor to do the wedding video. I was really happy with the sneak peaks though .. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― for that. i remember seeing it at the honeymoon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this concludes the wedding vendors reviews (or my small efforts in reviewing them lol).

I’d also like to share my favorite photos from the wedding weekend πŸ™‚ The photos are all beautiful and it took me a long time to decide which to share on my FB. I hardly use my FB nowadays except to read on what’s happening (news lol) and share some stuff on my wall. Maybe i should do up my FB more. Instagram; hardly posting these days too because after awhile, its the same old thing so i try to do it once in awhile la.




We are still surviving this marriage thing and counting down to the days we collect our keys to our new home in October. And hopefully we will be moving in before Christmas if all goes well~

2017, you’ve put me through so much! 

We’ve signed up for our ID and i hope i won’t regret the decision of not sourcing out for more ID options… we’ve had about 5 in our list and met with 3 before settling with IN Interior Design. LOL i know it’s a mouthful when i was saying it out loud. How we got here is really through Qanvast’s and Renonation’s great way of shortlisting 3-5 companies that match your style and budget. I’m still lazy (like when planning for the wedding) and still fickle (but I’m luckier now because i have a husband who knows what he wants, HEH). But i still need a lot of reading up to do for our home. More on it in the months to come for sure. πŸ™‚

We are going on our Syd + Mel trip in September and i guess it’s more of a proper honeymoon for us both because i can go longer this time (no more OJT to worry about). Last year i was thinking of going to Cape Town but because the wedding and the house are happening this year, we decided to save the money and head to Australia for another campervan adventure.

Yes I’m aware and ashamed i did not finish my series for the WA (Perth to Shark Bay by campervan) trip but i hope this time i can document as much as i can. Right now, we are still booking our campsites; 5 more to go! And deciding what to do in Melbourne exactly. I’ve been to both Syd + Mel tons of times in my flying days, so after almost 4 years, i admit i’m a lil excited to return. COFFEE! TARGET! KMART! POTR! COFFEE AGAIN! I’m nervous too because long drives are tiring, and seeing dead wildlife on the road makes me scared. This time our vehicle is much smaller (sleeps 2) so i hope i don’t get snappy with it.

Another issue that we (more me) have been facing is the question “is a baby on the way?” I know it’s been 6 months already (only?) but is there like a checklist i’m supposed to complete? Truthfully, we are not planning for one yet. Neither are we avoiding, it seems,  because I’m a sissy who’s afraid of messing up my hormones/inserting iuds etc. I know some people may think it’s strange but when the time is right we will try more conscientiously. Like reading my cool period tracking app Clue, taking my basal temperature or whatever data my app seems to want to predict the most accurate fertile period HEH. I know i’ll miss my alone time when that happens so, i’ll just take it as i’m savoring every moment i have now to myself.

i’m also aware that i’m almost 30 and fertility may decline so I’m just gon close this note with my favorite mantra, ill cross the TTC bridge when i get to it. For those newly married and are trying right away, all the best to you! And for those who have been trying, may your prayers be answered soon InshaAllah πŸ™‚





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