2017 · Memories



Ive got tonnes to talk about but i’ve been catching up with life so much, i hardly had the time to do anything on socmed. I go on FB once or twice a day just to read stuff my friends share, repost them if theyre funny/good and the only photos i shared on FB this year were the wedding photos. Not even my holiday/honeymoon photos this year i think lol. I use a lot of my twitter though. Maybe as i age, i like to air my thoughts more privately. More and privately are the key words here. Instagram is instagram but my posting has dwindled too. I find myself rather uninterested~ IS THIS GROWING UP?

I’ve been meaning to talk about the campervan trip so lets hope i get down to sorting out the details. i went on a full ig story way of sharing my holiday moments because i thought sometimes the photos i take suck, photos dont share that much, i dont want to post a lot of photos etc. We have some and im not sure how to organize that and ever since i had to sort out my phone storage, the videos are all over the place. I need a 128gb phone next. Does anyone know if M1 is bringing in Google Pixel 2?

We have also collected our keys to our new home at Skypeak! That was last week on 28th Nov. So thats another story to tell soon.

Other than that, i think I’m just riding it out until the end of the year because its the festive season (my fav after Aidilfitri) and this year has just been the most eventful one for me. By October i was practically done with 2017. PENAT LA.


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