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Settling in #shonilyas: last one!

Sunday morning (12th Feb) saw us waking up pretty early surprisingly, to have breakfast at the Club lounge. It was most likely the lack of food for us the day before.. we were so hungry at breakfast lol. So the crew arrived at RP by about 10.30am to start the final event of this 2… Continue reading Settling in #shonilyas: last one!

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Settling in #shonilyas: 2

I’m pretty much settled into this ‘routine’ it seems. Every morning, I find myself waking up to prepare a morning drink, take his breakfast pack to him and say goodbye.. all added on to my morning routine. The morning shift days are a little different because I leave earlier than he does. I’m seriously cringing… Continue reading Settling in #shonilyas: 2

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#shonilyas in <1 – girls girls girls

I’ve heard the saying we can only plan and at the end of it God decides. That’s the mantra I’ve been reciting these days. I know I will look back fondly on the wedding planning days,like everyone says, specifically the stretch that is December to now but boy, it stretched and tired us out. Of… Continue reading #shonilyas in <1 – girls girls girls

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#shonilyas in 2: pre wedding photoshoot and the invitation frenzy

We had the honour of having Syarfique for our pre-wedding shoot. And of course Yati who was there to help me with everything I needed that day. I remembered it being a real hot day (early December. What!!) Here are the out – takes! I actually loved these too because they were mostly candid 😂… Continue reading #shonilyas in 2: pre wedding photoshoot and the invitation frenzy

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#shonilyas in 3 – priorities (a post overdue)

I realise it’s already December and I’ve put on hold a good number to things-to-do because I really needed to focus on my course. I’m sure I’ve been in this situation before but I can’t remember how I felt exactly back then but passing my first course felt like the happiest thing back in 2013.… Continue reading #shonilyas in 3 – priorities (a post overdue)

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#shonilyas in 4 – all at once

This post will be dedicated to the places I’d like to go for the honeymoon. This might be a little tricky because I will be on my OJT so I’m pretty sure I won’t be going for long, or maybe not at all (until i pass). See, this is what I haven’t thought about.  Also, this… Continue reading #shonilyas in 4 – all at once