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Half a birthday surprise.

April was pretty magical ~ I was on my birthday leave (some of the things im thankful for in the midst of ojt) for 2 days because my birthday fell on my night duty — double happiness ūüė¨ B told me he decided to take leave too but i wasnt sure why he needed to… Continue reading Half a birthday surprise.

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Settling in #shonilyas: last one!

Sunday morning (12th Feb) saw us waking up pretty early surprisingly, to have breakfast at the Club lounge. It was most likely the lack of food for us the day before.. we were so hungry at breakfast lol. So the crew arrived at RP by about 10.30am to start the final event of this 2… Continue reading Settling in #shonilyas: last one!

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#shonilyas in <1 – girls girls girls

I’ve heard the saying we can only plan and at the end of it God decides. That’s the mantra I’ve been reciting these days. I know I will look back fondly on the wedding planning days,like everyone says, specifically the stretch that is December to now but boy, it stretched and tired us out. Of… Continue reading #shonilyas in <1 – girls girls girls

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Huitième Année / 27 

December is really special for my bf and I because we celebrate ‚̧ double happiness ‚̧ it’s our anniversary and his birthday month  (Also Christmas and the school holidays and new years eve. Good god). Of course come next year, I don’t think we will remember December as an anniversary month anymore. As usual I’m… Continue reading Huiti√®me Ann√©e / 27¬†

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A proper Aidilfitri photolog and the usual 10 pointers 

1. In the morning of Aidilfitri, I discovered the best thing ever; my back camera for selfie taking. I can see every detail. Although it is hard (for me) to take a proper selfie I think it’s worth the effort. It’s just as good as the Samsung camera we have so now I really have… Continue reading A proper Aidilfitri photolog and the usual 10 pointers¬†