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#shonilyas in <1 – girls girls girls

I’ve heard the saying we can only plan and at the end of it God decides. That’s the mantra I’ve been reciting these days. I know I will look back fondly on the wedding planning days,like everyone says, specifically the stretch that is December to now but boy, it stretched and tired us out. Of… Continue reading #shonilyas in <1 – girls girls girls

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A proper Aidilfitri photolog and the usual 10 pointers 

1. In the morning of Aidilfitri, I discovered the best thing ever; my back camera for selfie taking. I can see every detail. Although it is hard (for me) to take a proper selfie I think it’s worth the effort. It’s just as good as the Samsung camera we have so now I really have… Continue reading A proper Aidilfitri photolog and the usual 10 pointers 

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Yup, I love December 

We just celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday and I’m so happy! Our friends and I planned a not so secret gathering on Saturday and thank goodness everything  went well. I had a quiet dinner with him on Sunday too 🙂 The good thing about having a December birthday is that it’s a good time to meet… Continue reading Yup, I love December 

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KL chronologically

                         10 thought on this trip  I forgot that taking a bus means your travelling time can go from anywhere between 6hours to 8hours I love eating no matter what (see point 8) WOLO’s breakfast should include more items from Tous Les Jours TLJ’s garlic bread… Continue reading KL chronologically