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Time flies~

It really does, doesn’t it? Half a year just went by and boy it was a crazy half a year. And i have to say in a span of 6 months i basically took my whole self to a new level. LOL 

Getting married in February was a big deal to me (even if i dont express it that much.) It’s been 4 months and i think the dust has more or less settled although we have just gotten our wedding photos and the excitement got roused up 5 notches (this will probably happen again when we receive our video next month cant wait!!) We have gotten down to each other’s routines and easing into married life wasnt as hard as i imagined it to be. I’m glad i’m still able to make time for my girlfriends and more importantly i have me time 😁 i guess these are perks of the shift work-office hour life. The things i value before marriage are pretty much the same as today with little changes — i now make time for my in-laws and my own family too. And I’m grateful to not detach myself from anyone.. and so is B. I guess some of these things matter a lot more now. And we have time together to eat out and go out. I have no chance of becoming a lazy slob. LOL

On the other side of life, i was going through a not-so-rosy time; OJT life. I ended my course in Dec ’16 and i admit, i had reservations about getting married /fussing over the wedding in the middle of my OJT. This was also going to be the hardest thing i go through in my career. There were days i felt shitty, some days were good, some days i question myself about my decisions and some days i would like to give up. Towards the end of my OJT i was burning out a little and i had to take a break. But i was glad i took it, ….did nothing but zone out, got a massage and not give a shit about anything. It was a break i needed.

It’s not easy when i can’t express how significant my slips are or how not everyone could really understand. There were difficult days (ie i was being difficult) with bb and my mom. But at the end of it, i had them to thank and be grateful for. For friends in and outside of work who constantly encourage me πŸ™‚ i dont think i can ever do anything to match up to that. And Alhamdulillah. 

You see, im a born pessimist (27.5% better now) and i get easily demoralised but i think im also one who is afraid to do less. To be less. I gave myself one final push and finished my OJT on the 13th of June. Its time to boss the guys up in the air πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή kidding!!! But i still can’t believe i’ve finally did it. May i always be safe, and one day be really efficient at work.

Dont really have to talk about my birthday because of the whole post dedicated to my favourite month LOL.

Ramadhan flew by just like that. Maybe i was too pre-occupied with OJT, maybe i could’ve done more. I didnt feel like i did a lot spiritually but i tried to be more observant during my ibadahs. I hope your Ramadhan was ❀❀❀. Hopefully we all get to go through Ramadhan again next year and do more good deeds, more terawih and possibly take leave before raya and not work on malam raya πŸ™Š

Finally my favourite time of the year came. And everything felt just right. I’d say yes its significant because it’s the first for us together and first not following my dad on day 1. Maybe next year we will adjust the itinerary until we come to one we can use every year HAHA. Pretty pleased with myself for fitting into my nikah outfit although i really think im lighter now compared to at the wedding 😣 opposite pulak. Anyway it must be the fasting + stress. 

So.. Salam Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin to all my Muslim friends ❀ i do have a ton of things to write about! Til Then!


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