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Half a birthday surprise.

April was pretty magical ~

I was on my birthday leave (some of the things im thankful for in the midst of ojt) for 2 days because my birthday fell on my night duty — double happiness 😬 B told me he decided to take leave too but i wasnt sure why he needed to also take 2 days Lol. I think the both of us are really bad at keeping our surprises secret because he told me his plan with the reason — you might have places you wanna go too. How thoughtful πŸ˜‚ if you left it to me for 2 days i’d just prefer to stay home and rest, go for a nice dinner (read: steak) and desserts. Thats all~ 

So.. celebrations started on the 19th morning and we were off to JB. Nothing much to say about the ride except, where are the counters with wider gantries for motorcycles? Does anyone know this? (The first few lanes?) Because b usually goes via Tuas and everytime we go through Woodlands, we will have to squeeze or fold the side mirrors in and i think one of these days we might lose those mirrors.

I thank God b understands my need for coffee so he asked me to pick a cafe first hehhhh. We were at The Replacement first thing after entering JB (Jalan Dhoby!)

i really liked the large table that was for the bigger groups  (really my home inspiration)

The coffee was good. Old fashioned, singular preference me had iced latte unsweetened. I think i must have had 100 iced lattes all over and that’s probably enough to teach me a thing or two about what i like. My coffee was a little too acidic for my liking and a bit raw. But i finished it anyway because im not wasting c o f f e e.

This however, was greaaat. I love steamed baos and deep fried soft shell crabs. This was perfect. B had a french toast w berry compote that was pretty good too but i didnt have the time to snap a photo of it (sometimes i dont care for taking photos of everything and posting them, it’s too much work).

Interior goals! (??) Although i have a husband who doesnt really like the whole marbley look so ill just enjoy what i can get.

After some time there we decided to go to Johor Premium Outlets and shopped a little at Akemiuchi (for pillowcases πŸ˜‚ and because i love their bedsheets), Levi’s (i got me my first boot cut but im not sure if they will still be boot cuts after alteration) and some Nike stuff. All this in the early part of the day because this was where B wanted to take me

Nope no pictures of the room because i took videos on instagram stories and forgot to save them. And when i finally remembered i either did not have wifi or the story had already expired. 😦 anyways, there wasnt anything amazing about the room really, pretty standard hotel room — high floor and good view of the pool. The customer service– from check in to restaurant was really impressive. The check in cookie was delicioussssss. It could be an Asian thing, this CS thing, ive stayed at Doubletree in Houston but CS wasnt memorable except for the fact that there were chaffeur service to the mall and to that Boiling Crab place. 


I wouldnt necessarily go into that pool because the whole world could see me. 

The breakfast spread was reallyreallyreally amazing. I think i need 2 days to thoroughly comb through the spread. Again no photos but any foodie in you would wanna try breakfast there- from the eggs station to the chinese corner (my fav obviously), continental bfast and indian and malay and basically any breakfast item you want from Malaysia its probably there. The coffee was delicious too 😬

Dinner was a simple affair although i didn’t mind tze char style seafood at a local eatery, we decided to go for Tony Roma’s, which was great too because i love my red meats (also time to cut down)

I had a platter that came with medallions and ribs but it was too much for me. The next time i go and dont feel like having any red meats i will order this

Its a shrimp and salmon dish done so right i was so impressed —  i sometimes get salmon that are really dry so this really didnt disappoint. 

I did some shopping in Sephora ❀ finally got my hands on Clinique’s TTDO make up remover balm. I also got me Clinique’s sunblock which is pretty good and not as oily as i thought it would be for a tinted sunscreen. (But my skincare regime ill talk about some other time because im still trying on new products!)

The next day’s after check out activity was to watch a movie because we had the whole day so B picked the Fast and the furious which i was pretty sick of already after Paul Walker’s death but the movie wasnt as bad as i imagined. I mean, i already wasnt impressed by the beginning scene and had to roll my eyes but i remember all those articles clearly saying men’s genetic make up being totally different from us women and we need not necessarily understand their likes and wants. Like i guess, B was in the mood for high action (unreal) and pretty cars.

What’s more like it is this coffee we had after 

BEV C was a quiet cafe that was on the upper level of the shophouse (they are also local fashion designers) and they serve coffee in the form of espresso cubes and cold milk. The coffee is never watered down and i guess the portion was just nice for us (not me la but i gotta watch the caffeine intake) 

We hung out for a bit before deciding on a dinner place.. again wanted to eat some boiling crab-esque… seafood but we decided to try another stall at Kilang Bateri. Looks like crabs have to wait until im really up for it. (I dont actually eat crabs that often so u can imagine the wastage i leave behind)

I cant remember this stall’s name but it was on the lane opposite Shell out and it had the best chicken chop in town (better than It Roo to me πŸ˜‚) and it came in platters-for-2 

It was pretty empty when got there so it was great. This is also one of the reasons why i cannot give up on shift work. Heh. 


This is also my last year celebrating a 20s birthday and ive to say this whole adulting thing stinks and sometimes i do feel like giving it all up and just live day by day but i know there’s no good in doing that. I guess ive been putting up ok. Achieved quite a bit in my 20s and probably need to go up a few more gears for my 30s. 

The thing that hasnt changed about me since i was a teen is the fear of failure, how easily demoralized i can get and how easily i give up on things/people and myself. Im also a Pessimist. With a capital P, my bones are probably built with so much pessimism. But i am also rather determined to get to the end (of situations) as ive seen myself do a few times in the past 10-15years. I hope i can change some of that this year, hopeful.

This birth year i would like to take on things one at a time and put in my all. 


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