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Settling in #shonilyas: last one!

Sunday morning (12th Feb) saw us waking up pretty early surprisingly, to have breakfast at the Club lounge. It was most likely the lack of food for us the day before.. we were so hungry at breakfast lol. So the crew arrived at RP by about 10.30am to start the final event of this 2 day wedding. Tired? Yes, me too. Still wondering how i managed after a full day on Saturday and still managed to get through Sunday  (in a separate story Monday was also hectic)

This is going to be the longest post i think…

Invitation cards & berkat

I decided to group these 2 into one because they were an extension of my package with Jentayu. My invitation cards and berkat were done by TWC inspirations, who were maybe a few years earlier was pretty well known for being wedding decorators but have since moved into concentrating on wedding stationery and berkats.

Love how the cards turned out, following my color palette and the gold embossed fonts were so beautiful with the background. All those Pinterest days paid off. LOL


Because I’m pretty much a simpleton, the berkats were just macarons (they were super sedap too) and the artwork on the tins followed the card design. The signage too. I’m easy to work with! My parents were also really happy with the cards and the berkats. 😬

Bridal and outfit + flower bouquet

These two outfits were customised for me and I cannot say how much i loved the fit and the whole look la basically. My baju songket were fashioned after a mini Kurung because I steer clear of peplum guys. It was a pretty yellow cream and those embellishments were 😍😍😍.

The second outfit was made with 3D lace and the only trouble I had with it was the lace getting caught in the carpet a few times but that was the only issue i had. I loved the silhouette it gave me and it was surprisingly not itchy to wear  (My fear when wearing lace lol)

My mom loved my make up for this event but I’m pretty sure it’s because I looked so much like her; her ex-colleagues kept telling me that. Hahaha. But boy, it was thick. So thick I laid off make up for about 2 weeks after the wedding because my skin felt like it went through the great depression that weekend. What helped me get better was my Mooi argan oil (a lifesaver!) And Peter Thomas Roth black mask ❀

That said, Nawwarah’s bridal outfits are gorgeous, almost all of them and I’m glad Tasha did her best in making me up despite having sprained her wrist just prior to the wedding. I’m forever thankful. Special thanks to Elvyra too for coming down to assist.

My beautiful 2nd bouquet by Fleursbyspoleczny stood out against my white and cream outfits. I didnt imagine it but im glad Yati helped me put into action what i wanted. πŸ™‚


I picked Jentayu Gallery because let’s just say it was a dream came true for me to engage them. I’ve always loved their work and I think I was pretty much determined to have them decorate my wedding venue. Expensive? Yes. And some satisfaction points I had to minus because of the whole dulang, bunga rampai and bunga pahar fiasco. but otherwise I loved the decor. I really do.

There were some drama because i initially didnt like what i saw when my mom chose this particular theme. But i wont dig up history because all is forgotten when i saw the dais. I also dont want to sound bratty but hey, its my wedding after all mom.

Its Dewi Shinta and the color palette was mostly whites, navy and coral.


This was an easy choice because my sister held hers there so the family knows it, the 1000 guests of my parents know it and everyone else should know it πŸ˜‚ i’m also really happy my colleagues who were either staying in the east, going to work or coming from work made it ❀ i think the cost added up to about $3k-ish or slightly less than that but i thought it was quite alright considering the space it offered and the air-conditioning we needed. Also liasing with the cc was a breeze.. will plan my future generations wedding there LOL


Choosing a caterer was a pretty quick decision by my parents. We got the contact of Puteri Wedding Services from Jentayu and arranged our meal tasting, which was coincidentally a wedding my mom was invited to. We loved the buffet setup, the whole works, and the many many desserts and the mint tea!! (sweetened tea with sprigs of mint, yummy) But i would say the most important thing i look for in any vendor, as i’m sure everyone does too, is the service and staff management. I was so impressed by the number of staff (no waiting for tables to be cleaned up, food to be replenished, more manpower to look after the guests in the buffet line), proactive staff (they were always making sure the spread was clean, utensils were dry and everything was super presentable) and the relationship of the caterers with us.

Yes, we got an unlimited supply of mint tea at the event, because i loved it so much and Puan Aishah was really generous in the provision of her service. She was so experienced that we didn’t need to sweat over the small details, like wash basins and bigger issues like where was the kitchen? LOL (there was a no cooking rule at the CC), Some photos by Puan Aishah…


I really liked her practice of having the hosts of the wedding look through the whole line, make prayers and eat as a family before the event kicked off. I wasn’t there of course through all this but I could tell my parents were really really happy.


Our photography for Sunday was by Syarfique (BlissPhoto+Cinema) This was a no surprise option for us because we were good friends with Yati and him. I know people always say it may be the best idea to engage friends for the wedding but Yati and Fiq proved that statement totally wrong and has in fact gone out of their way to do more for us. (like accompanying our groggy selves after the wedding and to return all the wedding stuff the day after teehee)

I havent received the wedding event photos yet but you can check out the rest of Bliss’ work on their IG. πŸ™‚


We went only one time to a bridal expo, actually hoping to find the most suitable Videographer for the wedding. And we did, how objective. I think let’s just say I was too lazy to look at works and ask for quotations so i went with a gut feel and looked through some of the works to gauge if I wanted to engage them at all. There was also 2 weeks of “Do we really need a videographer?” But i think if anything, I wouldn’t want to miss out on documenting the wedding, in ways a photograph might not be able to capture. I have no ragrets guys LOL

This is our sneak peak video taken by Videosmith. I like the snaps they captured in video — color and in monochrome, long shots and the quick peeks. I also like that they used music that are made for videography and cinema. This is my opinion only (so please dont burn me) but I think having the hottest song of 2017 or my favourite song right now will make me cringe by the end of the year. (think about that one step closer song, twilight song, the most overused wedding song around the world heh).

We haven’t gone for our first screening yet but i think the sneaks are great for me to keep my expectations high and excitement levels up. Their other works are also impressive!

Entertainment & Kompang

We picked Orkes Mutiara through a recommendation by Arifin from Sri Mahligai, (already full when we wanted to book) who was my sister’s entertainment pick at her wedding. All the discussion was made via whatsApp through Joe who was really open to my suggestions and requests. Everything was great because there was a good mix of modern and traditional malay music which my grandfather wanted and my parent’s guests enjoyed hopefully haha.  They were always so accommodating and friendly too πŸ™‚ and of course they did a great job with the emcee-ing too.

Our kompang, Ukiran Rentak was picked by B and probably favourited by him for a long time since he watched a video of their version of Hasbi Rabbi. They were also very ‘sporting’ (??) as they joined in whole gate-crash when my girls made the groomsmen sing ‘That Thing you do’.

Sorry bb but this is just gold. Of course their Hasbi Rabbi was the favourite πŸ™‚

Wedding Cake

I’ve tried Simply Nuha’s bakes a few times and they are always delicious. And i didnt mind travelling all the way to Bedok to collect them hahaha. I picked a cake (salted caramel) with 50 mini cupcakes (my favourite ondeh-ondeh) as the wedding cake. Initially i wanted a bigger, 2 or 3 tiers… but from my friends and other bride’s experience, the wedding cake was usually quite a waste. The mini cupcakes were easy to feed each other with (LOL for photo purposes) and was easily packed for us to give away at the end of Sunday and I brought home the cake which was freaking delicious. I have no photos of the setup yet (must wait for the official photos !!) but here’s something close to what i had.


(taken off Simplynuha’s ig)

Bridemaids Outfits

None other than my favourite Aunty Sally made 5 out of 7 of my bridesmaids outfits for this event and they were beautiful


I got the fabric very early in 2016 from Bandung’s D’Fashion actually and went for a cream lace and navy batik look for the girls, because i’m fully committed to a color palette and ive never been this committed LOL. I loved how the outfits turned out. All of them had their own design ideas and I thought they were all beautiful. Aunty Sally also did my mother’s and sister’s outfits



Of all the vendors Ive had i would say i could do without the Photobooth if the budget was tighter. Also lets just say i didn’t have the best time waiting for follow-ups and having some miscommunication through the emails about the whole setup. I still would prefer a face to face or at least a more personal relationship other than email liaison. It was a shame really because some of the photos turned out darker than others and from what i hear, they were a little upset that they had to wait for me to take a photo at my own booth. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to meet the people who engaged you. I understand that time is money but for what it’s worth, some sort of personal touch would have changed my whole perception.

But hey at least they did a good job in the backdrop and the photo guestbook was pretty nice. I decided to go for a white marble-ish backdrop with gold geometric lines and it turned out really well because i went for a very clean look.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Lastly… Picking the wedding date

We decided on the 11th of February (and 12th) because we mainly wanted some time between the wedding to settle down and collecting our house keys in the 3rd quarter of 2017! (RENO JOURNEY IS ANOTHER STEEP SLIPPERY SLOPE) Thats just about the reason we had. Our anniversary date was 10th December but we didn’t find a suitable 10th to hold the wedding but we then realised that 11.02 is pretty much the same as 10.12. I honestly would buy 4D if i could. HAHAHA

Thank you if you’re reading this and for sticking through the whole wedding planning fiasco. I will probably share some of the wedding photos that I will receive here and some other afterthoughts because people like me love digging up the past LOL. We have also started on looking for IDs so please let me know if anyone has good recommendations!




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  1. I loved your deco babe hahahah i literally took photos of it and my partner also agreed it was beautiful! ❀ and you looked stunning, as always!

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