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Settling in #shonilyas: 2

I’m pretty much settled into this ‘routine’ it seems. Every morning, I find myself waking up to prepare a morning drink, take his breakfast pack to him and say goodbye.. all added on to my morning routine. The morning shift days are a little different because I leave earlier than he does. I’m seriously cringing at the thought of moving even further away

Also, we have been trying our best to spend time with our families; having dinners outside with them, lepak-ing at home. I think sometimes bb misses his room and family 😣  I mean I would too if I moved away from home. I’m grateful to mom for always planning our meals because I took over some chores and have new chores of my own.  I guess i have to slowly ease into this before we start living on our own because everything would then be up to us to work around.

So the dinner event.. .. ..

Bridal make up and outfit 

Tasha’s assistant Elvyra took over towards the end of the lunch reception and followed us to the hotel after that. She stayed on to work on my hair and Tasha arrived later for my make up.

What I like most about my make up on Saturday was that I look pretty much myself. Although to the naked eye and some cameras, anyone could tell there was a tonne of make up on me πŸ˜‚  but heyyy, the brunt of a pimple i had was 99% invisible (mostly the work of the pimple patch and icing LOL)

My gown was made by trusty Aunty Sally from Angel Fabric Tailor  (she’s on the 3rd level of the shophouse — Angel fabrics) I got the lace from Bandung though and duchess satin from Angel. It was perfect πŸ™‚ and simple, just the way i wanted it. In real life that gown was really sparkly… more than I imagined.

I love the back of my dress most and this photo ❀

B’s suit was done by K tailors. I loved the color combination — we all had doubts of having grey for the vest and navy blue but it worked out well. Didn’t want something too formal either so we didn’t go with a tux or a black/white suit. It was initially hard to imagine the whole suit with just 2 squares of fabric but it turned out sooo fine.

The people at K tailors were friendly and open to your suggestions and needs. Waiting time was about 6 weeks, well including the alteration was about 8 weeks in total. But we are so happy with the suit 😬

Bridal bouquet and boutonierres 

I used my bouquet from the morning again for the dinner event, the flowers were still standing strong and fresh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Yati made the groomsmen boutonierres special πŸ™‚

At the end of it though, b wore the Superman lego instead of the Captain America’sπŸ˜‚

Event venue, catering and the Dinner program

When we first started planning the wedding, B was pretty keen on holding a dinner event for our direct family, close friends and colleagues and he wanted it small and intimate. We did look at a few hotels but for the food and the ambience we decided to go for Royal Plaza on Scotts. Most of the hotels we sourced out for had a minimum table of 20, small selection in the halal menu or we will have to fork out extra to have MUIS clean the kitchen… too much work for a 3hour event i thought, and no our pockets weren’t as deep.

We did most of our coordination with Alvin and Banquet Manager Hilmi over the course of a year. And i was really proud to finally see what came out of all that planning. When it came to the final few appointments, I thought it was very important that my bridesmaids were taking charge of the event coordination especially when I’ve tasked 2 of them to run the show for me and I think that was definitely the right move because I know nuts about wedding dinners to be honest.

Decor, menu and operational specifics aside, we thought of our dinner program.. last and God knows how relieved I was to have our plan realized, all of it. (I even had already nightmare that we were running behind schedule and my guests had to go home LOL). In summary our flow of events —

  • Walk in of parents, walk in of MOH & best man
  • Video of the morning prep and solemnization highlights
  • Our walk in, cake cutting
  • Speeches by my BIL and sister
  • Dinner
  • Video of an ‘interview’ session
  • KAHOOT! (Lol bb insisted there was a game)
  • Speeches by MOH and best man
  • Our speeches

I didn’t expect to cry so much and I didn’t want to because I’m an ugly crier πŸ‘Ή  but I didn’t manage to keep it together during the speeches and the videos. I wasn’t sure but i might also be crying from relief. HAHA.

We don’t regret choosing the long table layout rather than having a dais for this event because we wanted to be close and and part of the dinner party. I felt like being seated alone up there was a little distant and formal but I guess to each his/her own.

The food was great but I didn’t have the appetite because I was nervous as hell. I had no speech prepared. LOL drama. For some reason the speech deliverer in me came out smoothly. Everyone else’s speech was fabulous: my BIL’s speech even had a video presentation prepared by his wife ❀ the Photo Montage done by Farhana can be viewed here. My sister’s speech was filled with so many memories we had together and how special our relationship was, we were our first friends and mostly stuck by each other, heh.

The most lasting statement was made by Cindy, it went something like this…

“…Ilyas, put your hand over Syaza’s hand now and take this time to remember this moment because… this will be the very last time you’ll be having the upper hand.”

LOL seriously took us by surprise. I’m sure B will remember that forever. hahaha

DIY stuff – stationeries, decor items, videos

Im so glad we DIY-ed quite a number of things and it was a blended nightmare-daydream for me most of the time because I didn’t have the flair in me to take them on but bb surprised me with his ability to make these..

These were our table names (instead of running numbers) and the corresponding stories behind them. This idea came up to me really early in the planning stage but we were just procrastinating so much. Lol b designed most of it while I picked the photos and gave him my opinions Haha I’m so impressed. This was the pet project for the wedding!

We also made our own cards but used the insert and envelopes provided because the cards given by RP wasn’t that nice.

All art vectors were free and we got through Google search (we even found vectors used by card vendors here πŸ™Š) and printing was all done at E-solo Print and I thought the pricing was pretty good and the service was fast too.

Lin and Khairil helped us print name card size table names to pass to our guests after registration just in case they forgot which table they were seated at. Lol. So much effort by the wedding party!

The girls and I also decided to order helium balloons for decorating the walkway

(My pretty bridesmaid and coordinator Shar)

Decided on gold and silver balloons from Party Wholesale , where is also got party poppers at a pretty good price, and those fairy lights were courtesy of Cindy who bought them for her office event earlier last year. Makes for good photo points. It was so magical~

I have to thank Lin and her good friend Adee for taking the time to edit videos for the event. This was made, about 2-3 weeks before the wedding and i thought everyone was so down for it. We filmed at Labrador Park after Producer Lin’s suggestion and found a pretty spot for the filming. We used Fary’s camera and i think that was such a long day because i remembered rushing to the tailor (remember my Nikah outfit nightmare) and the back home for another round of meeting with the family and some of the wedding party. I would say its pretty important to go through details time and time again to the point i remember details. LOL

#shonilyas interview video

I’m so happy that Lin and Khairil helped us with this “same day edit”, Snapchat version. This one, was a risky situation because none of us had a plan on how to do it but we discussed a lot- from what footage we needed to the methods of transferring the videos and all that, the rest is a lot of praying that the plan works out. It was perfect in the end.. Here’s the link to the video #Shonilyas Snapchat Vid

Wedding band/singers, song choices, emcees

We decided on my colleagues’ band, the Lumikarpalos, for the dinner reception. It seems quite natural to me and it was just in time, when I was looking for a band and managed to get them for the date. Yup they are all air traffic controllers from tower, approach and area ❀

Our walk in song was “You and Me” by Lifehouse. And it was beautifully played by the band πŸ™‚ we tried our best to fit the 90s and 00s music into the wedding as best we can. Some of the songs we included were Britney’s “Born to make you happy”, Kci and Jojo’s “All my life”, and my favourite was “Forever young” (not the original version though 😭). We included “Yellow” and “Save Room” all for nostalgia. No regrets for not keeping up with the times!

I don’t think I have a picture with them right now. Hopefully we remembered to take one by Samir.

Our emcees for the event was my bridesmaid and good friend Elaine and Jules Jumari, B’s BIL’s brother (lol long relations are always hard to explain). They did a great job keeping the spirit up throughout the event, considering we only met once before the dinner about a month before the event. πŸ‘» we should earn an award for putting together a wedding the way we did πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The night ended close to midnight for us all and we came back to the room to this lol and a lot of helium balloons to play with (LOL?!)

It was a good end to Day 1 of the wedding weekend. ❀❀❀


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