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Settling in #shonilyas: 1

Its true to some extent what they say about the wedding flying by fast. While most of that weekend was a blur to me, it didn’t feel like it was moving tooooo fast. In fact i think i managed to savour most of its details. Of course it is also true that life goes on after the wedding and its more important to prepare myself for what’s to come, more of that in future posts hopefully.

Marriage, for the past 2++weeks has been good. Because we are obviously in our honeymoon phase. There are changes of course, i wouldn’t deny that although I find myself having no problems easing in. Maybe what helped was that we have been together for so long and i know what he’s doing or going to say next (or more importantly need lol) i’m sure there are many other things to learn about him and of marriage but I’m going to take my time with that. thank God though, I’m the messier one between us. heh heh heh

Wedding wise; it was probably 99% perfect. just the way i wanted. i only didn’t realise i wasn’t prepared for some small let-downs. Part of me was telling myself there’s no second chance so there was hardly any room for problems. i guess i should’ve better prepared myself better for things that will go wrong.
Anyway this is a quick run down of the wedding, for reference and memory’s sake. Maybe putting them down in words might offer us a different perspective about wedding planning – the business end of it all. Haha

Invitation cards – groom’s side 

We decided on thekad.sg for their fuss- free promotional package. It was pretty straightforward and we picked a design that they already had because B thinks they’re mostly pretty good.

The words and phrasing had to go through about 2 rounds of vetting before we gave the OK. 

The only downside of this transaction was that the cards came in the wrong size. Because it was quite late into the pre wedding stage, he decided to take the refund of the price difference instead of waiting for the reprints because they couldn’t do it fast enough– can’t remember if they were away on holiday or something like that. Nonetheless i thought they were pretty alright. The signage was also done up exactly like the front of the card. Pretty good deal!

Pre-wedding: Henna night

My henna artist was ES henna fix with whom i got acquainted with at B’s SIL’s henna party a few years ago. At that time she did some of our henna before doing the bride’s. I don’t think she will be taking in anymore henna jobs from June 2017 though. I’m not sure if she will open again next year.

I love her very neat work and the rich dark color of the stains. They were a dream and just the way i like them. Booking her wasn’t a hassle, even after paying the initial deposit she was quick to issue my receipt.

2 weeks nearing the henna night, i decided to drop her an email (didn’t have her number) to confirm my address and time but i had no reply. Only the day before the event i managed to get her number through B’s SIL and texted her myself because i was probably thinking i might not get henna done at all. LOL kancheong because i leave these things to the very last minute.  i got me the henna of my dreams


Of course me being me i forgot to take photos of my feet but its very simple la because who was going to look at my feet. LOL.

Solemnization and lunch reception: Venue

Our first wedding venue was Mujahidin Mosque which was near my place. We decided to hold the solemnization there in the prayer hall and then B’s side hosted a lunch reception at the event hall at the mosque. Dealing with the mosque was seamless according to him. I guess because we are pretty laid back, we didn’t find any problems with the venue but his decor did bring up some issues other couples faced, like the pillar right in front of the dais (or stage). Otherwise i thought it was well spaced, clean and pretty accessible. Although i’m not sure if there was enough parking space for our guests.

Event 1: Bridal Make up and outfits

My Make up throughout the events was our good old friend, Tasha for Nawwarah Bridal

I would say i felt flawless thanks to her magic hands and awesome make up products. My worst fear was breaking out but i didn’t! Of course prior to that i prepped my face with lots of masks and i iced my face every night the last week before the wedding. and of course shout out to Lin for helping me get the pimple patch because sister here had a big ass pimple just under the lips. I also did use a drop of Argan oil because Tasha said it was really good for the prep. The nikah make up was pretty easy to look at although it was heavy on the eyes, which I really liked. ❤


Cant say i’m used to looking at myself in tudung. i really do have a fat face 😦 Ill share more photos when the official ones are out. Hopefully I don’t get too lazy.

My nikah outfit was made by Raffiey Nasir and let’s just say I should’ve known better. I’ve read some of the btb blogs and some of them really had nothing nice to say about him :\  In summary we went for our appointment in November (this was a red flag to B because it meant we only could collect them around mid January). Then at collection, my outfit was… loose. i did not lose any weight though so it didn’t make me feel better by insisting i did LOL. My biggest issue was that the lining was bigger than the lace and it made the dress sag in a very painful way to look at. But hey, the design was great. I liked that i could use it for other events and Hari Raya. B’s outfit though was a disaster. We re-made his whole outfit at Aunty Sally’s. The men’s outfit was too transparent, it had no structure like a proper Baju kahwin should, pockets were distastefully pasted on (they really look like it) and senget for God’s sakes.

We were upset but not visibly so because there were other couples who came for their fitting and we didn’t want to make a fuss. We aren’t the confrontational type either and i was mentally prepared for this remember? We went the next day to Aunty Sally to fix mine (I got nagged at her, naturally) and for B’s outfit, we got Duchess satin from the fabric shop downstairs (Angel) which will hold up better and wasn’t too thin. What was worse was that because it was going to be CNY, aunty Sally really had to rush making his outfit and I am forever grateful to her. I’m never quitting tailoring my stuff there. I love her!

(Lesson learnt: what’s too good to be true is usually too good to be true.)

Wedding shoes

My wedding shoes came in a form of alone time shopping and some egging by strangers helping me choose 😂

I walked into Pazzion one day to look at their latest collection and I did have some reservations because I have princess feet that are China-man shaped. They always hurt in a lot of shoes. 👹 

I couldn’t decide between the silver and the black but 2 other ladies told me to get the silver instead for the wedding ‘feel’. I’d have you know I got 2 other pairs of shoes (talk about being fickle) that i shortlisted too but the Betsey Johnson’s hurt like hell. 

Anyway, these babies were super comfy and because I couldn’t wear heels, these were the most awesome flats i ever owned. 😂

Gift trays, sireh dara/junjung, bunga rampai

If I had written this right after the wedding, this would’ve been the worst part. My dulangs, sireh and bunga rampai came as part of the package I took with Jentayu Gallery. Here are some of the things that made me upset because my coordinator had to drop bombs 2 days before the wedding when I should be enjoying my henna night (lol this part really tested my patience)

– my trays came…. dusty as hell. And one of the trays had my stuff still with price tags on LOL. But the trays were beautiful. Thank God they were. Super happy I scored those geometric terrarium thingies on Alibaba. 

-my Bunga rampai holders were not sufficient and instead of telling me waaay earlier. I had to decide over whatsapp under 2 hours which alternative I preferred. I seriously do not appreciate this last minute behaviour. But the good thing is the alternate one was pretty decent.

– my sireh dara came with some of they roses a lil brown. So you could imagine what happened by Sunday. Turns out the sponge they use wasnt right for water retention. So my sponges were basically dried out by Friday. And in the end we only displayed B’s one made by Gubahan Cinta which was possibly 10x better at least. 

I’ll save my final summary for Jentayu in the next post hopefully. Let’s just say all is forgiven because these are just tiny details LOL

Decor and Catering for B’s side

B chose Anggun by Mastura for his decor and catering for the lunch event and I am so so so glad he did! We liased mostly with Kak Nora at first and we have no complains about the decor and the food!

Previously we have had people telling us some scary stories about Anggun’s food being late to arrive, not enough for everyone or that the meat was too tough. But I’m grateful that at our event, everything was great! 😬  we didn’t have that much to eat and I had no appetite at all, really. But I enjoyed everything I tasted. Lol can’t take the love for food out of me it seems. 

I loved that the dais was everything we imagined; white on white on white + lots of flowers ❤❤ and could really accommodate big groups for photos. I really love the taupe that blends with every other color we had at the event hall. Basically this was straight out of our Pins. 😬

(Photo take by Tasnim Islamic)

A small problem we had was that the table signs on every table had my name spelled wrongly. (Story of my life right? Hard to pronounce, hard to spell) Even after it was spelled out to them when they asked. I don’t even know how that went wrong. Plus it was placed on the tables only the night before the event 😣 My poor SIL stayed up until 3am to print new signages and it was only because there was no way they could correct the mistake in time. Oh well. I guess things can go wrong but there are always solutions. I thank God for people like my SIL who selflessly sacrificed her sleep for us. 

Also part of the catering was a chendol vendor called Mr Roslan from across the causeway. This was my MIL’s idea and it was a great one because I loved it LOL. Sorry i don’t have a photo of his either but here’s his Facebook I think the pricing was really value for money too.

Bridal flower bouquet

There’s no one I’d rather have make my flowers other than Yati fleursbyspoleczny 

All the events that I needed flowers I chose her: my engagement, my photoshoot and even when people ask for recommendations, it’s definitely going to be her. I have so much love for her flowers! Whenever she asked for my preferences I just told her to go with her instincts and they always deliver. ❤ 

Think I should’ve just done my trays and Bunga rampai with her too. Haha. I’ll talk about the other bouquet and boutonierres in the next post.

Bridal car decoration

This, we left to the very last. To the point we were scrambling for contacts. We decided to just go for the first vendor were contacted, cherriesmitten. Dealing with them via ig message and email was a good experience. We got to keep the decor after the wedding which was great too. 

The only photos we have of the car at this moment is the ones he took at the setup 

We went with their suggestion for this decor. At the end of it I realise we used a lot of blues and pinks. 


Samir Pictures, who also happens to be Tasha’s husband, we’re our photographer for the whole of Saturday. 🙂

Samir was so easy going and kept us smiling throughout even though halfway through the lunch reception I was sleepy HAHA. He had many great ideas for poses and was always finding opportunities to get the best photos for us. So happy to have him as part of the wedding and we can’t wait for our photos! 😬


I think this was a pretty quick for us because we had the same thought when it came to picking entertainment for the mosque event– not kecoh, definitely no karaoke or sad jiwang songs (I don’t know why some weddings still play sad songs)

Tasnim Islamic really delivered well. The choice of music was really suitable for the mosque  (lol what do I know) because it was mostly instrumentals and the hosts were prompt at delivering cues and announcements. They even sang us an acapella of Maher Zaid’s Number 1 for me. ❤

Also thank God for Maher Zain’s For the rest of my life because us and probably dozens of others walked in to this beautiful song. 😂😂

Bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits

Got my bridemaids tops from Kiss&Tell on fashionvalet and the girls paired the pink kimono tops with cream pants/kain.  


The groomsmen outfits were bought in jb’s Jakel 

I loved how everyone looked so sweet 😍😍😍

I hope I covered most of the vendors for the first event and hopefully the next one wouldn’t be this lengthy. 😂😂 til then!


4 thoughts on “Settling in #shonilyas: 1

  1. Congrats babe! Everything looked perfect! You look good in hijab la.. where got fat face hehehe!

    Glad that everything turned out generally smoothly! I enjoy reading your reviews too.. will definitely check out that chendol vendor for myself ;p

    1. Haha u shd! It was really delicious. He didn’t even asked for deposit. Just ask ur caterer to provide the ice and he brings the rest. 🙂

  2. Yay, congrats! Loved looking at your wedding photos on IG that time hehe.

    I got RN to do my baju nikah as well and I’ve been sooo sian thinking about it and how he might not deliver what I want haha 😦

    1. Thank u babe! Haha for me i was quite prepared for screw ups by him so I already knew that if anything, I can go find my tailor to do the alterations. The thing I didn’t prepare myself for is that the groom’s outfit was such a disappointment. Lol. But in sha Allah yours will be all good. All the best in your preparation!

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