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#shonilyas in <1 – girls girls girls

I’ve heard the saying we can only plan and at the end of it God decides. That’s the mantra I’ve been reciting these days. I know I will look back fondly on the wedding planning days,like everyone says, specifically the stretch that is December to now but boy, it stretched and tired us out. Of course the main lesson learnt here is not to leave things to the very last, but it’s easier to work with urgency 😂😂😂 I always do this to myself.

Now that it’s down to the final week. And I will dedicate this space to the very reliable, selfless and proactive girls that have been helping me tirelessly in these pretty challenging days lol.

My best friend Cindy can really push her way and make her point to a stage where even I will just step aside but I have such a weak and soft heart…  sometimes I don’t know how to put in words my questions and concerns. She has been bugging me for “things to do” and I feel bad when I’m such a procrastinator… until now lol.

Elaine, who will be my emcee for the dinner event and also my bridesmaid is someone I have shared so many memories with, good and bad —  since we were 15. ❤ I can talk to her about anything in the world and I’m glad she’s someone i can reach out to for a different point of view. 

Victoria and Sharmaine have been keeping things moving for me. Especially with the dinner event and the back end of the business. I trust their eye for details and for asking sensible questions at meetings with the hotel and helping me with this whole new world of hotel event planning. I know I’m in good hands. 

I’m grateful for these girls, I’ve known since I was a teenager for everything they’ve done and for agreeing to be part of my wedding, especially my solemnization that’s going to be at a mosque. LOL. This is not a joke. But I ❤ them! 

Lin — even though we’ve only met a few years ago, is someone who I can say knows me really really well. I don’t know how we bonded over our similarities, I’m so happy I found a friend in someones I’ve recently met. I learnt that not all friendships need to date back from school days, sometimes it’s just being there at the right place, at the right time. Also need to thank Adee for volunteering her expertise and time too. Thank you God for sending me all these heroes so late into my wedding planning. 😣😣

Within this circle is also Fary, who I also met through my boyfriend and after a messy 2014, I felt we got closer too. The best thing about her is she really honest (only when i need it) I’m glad we make the effort to meet up for dinners and coffees and she has also provided me with many ideas and resources for the wedding. I’m glad I have my Nastygals. Although these days we haven’t been that nasty la. LOL

Last but hardly the least is Yati, she’s like the elder sister I never had. HAHA. She is ever helpful in giving me ideas (thanks to her many experience in this cruel bridal /wedding world) and has been helping me so much with so many things ever since the engagement day to the pre wedding photoshoot and to this day where she will ground me with reality checks. 

I can’t quite wait to take photos with my girls at the wedding (lol priorities)

My girls brought me out to Je T’aime Perfumery at Goodman Art Centre for my hen’s outing. This was pretty hard because of our conflicting schedules and even then Lin and Yati had to miss out on this 😦 we made our very own signature scents! 

As part of a bridal shower, everyone was given a quiz and I had to provide the model answers. Lol i thought all the answers were really good but I’m not surprised that Cindy was the one who got most of them right. It’s funny because I don’t think I’ve share a lot of those information with her. But I’d have to say it was good effort on everyone for guessing stuff like my favourite food is chicken rice GAHAHA 

We then went on to do another quiz that would translate into our scent profiles and the percentages and number of drops of each category into our perfume — floral, fresh, woody, citrus and oriental. 

Please draw your attention to Fresh 1— oxidised whale vomit which is by the way the most expensive and valuable ingredient of the perfumery world. Really strange but we learnt so many things!

And the end my results were (highest to lowest) fresh, woody, floral, citrus and oriental. 

Of course in the name of fun, I had to wear the Bachelorette tiara and sash (LOL) 

Thank you girls for planning this for me. ❤❤❤❤❤❤


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