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#shonilyas in 2: pre wedding photoshoot and the invitation frenzy

We had the honour of having Syarfique for our pre-wedding shoot. And of course Yati who was there to help me with everything I needed that day. I remembered it being a real hot day (early December. What!!) Here are the out – takes! I actually loved these too because they were mostly candid 😂


I did my own make up and I thought it wasn’t too bad. Thank you youtube for the last minute lesson every time I had to put my own make up on. I had Yati help me with my lashes because I cannot paste those little pricks on myself. I only wished I had done better with my hair because the wind by the beach made my hair crispy lol. The dress, I got it super last minute too from ASOS. I only have my procrastination to blame. When I say last minute = I received it the day before I went for my Phuket holiday and had to ask my mom to send it to the tailor’s because it was too long! And the shoot was the day after I arrived home from Phuket. Never doing this again. 

My beautiful bouquet from Fleursbyspoleczny — always beautiful and always impressive. Honestly, I never was a flower person. I used to think that flowers were a complete heartache because they don’t last. I think as I got older, I appreciated the beauty in arrangement. A beautiful mess, mis-matched and not at all. All in one bouquet. Or vase, if you like. I’m getting old.

Here’s the photo from Blissphotocinema’s ig. Half the time was fiq asking me to look get my freaking hair out of my face. I love it and I can’t wait for the rest. 😂

Also started to send out my Save the Dates (for the dinner) and I have given out invitations! By hand and by mail! I can’t do it all at once because I get distracted so freaking easily so I try to cut down my work into portions. Which has been working out for me I think? Lol

Took me all of 1 full minute to decide this design and went with E-cards for the save the date part of the invitation. This is for the dinner (lol formal invitation is still not ready because, me). We decided to hold it at RP because a) halal b) intimate, fuss free and we like how the place looks so cosy and magical at night c) We had our own individual majlis-es to finance too (ie the malay 1000+ pax one that I thought was not going to happen anymore. But, parents.) Reminder to self in the beginning of this I already did not want to make this hard for myself, especially when it comes to dealing with my parents. So I let them be lol.

I have to credit the people behind my card because i wanted something that was in essence, my color palette for the wedding decor. Got the soft copies and gave them the go ahead after a few rounds of adjustments. And when the real thing was ready, I was more than happy ❤. Everything from the gold foil to the navy blue and the minimalist layout inside was amazing. At the rate I’m going with navy, after the wedding, my new home is going to be just a navy blue space. LOL

I’m going to be so occupied with the invitation for the whole of January. Then I have to get my hair, facial (and the whole works) appointments in order. Yes I realise I’d have to squeeze them all right after CNY. So God help me. 

I got this. Almost there.


4 thoughts on “#shonilyas in 2: pre wedding photoshoot and the invitation frenzy

  1. i wanted a watercolour-swash card like yours but realised it wasn’t so easy to get the swashes. haha. looove your invite – so simple and classy. may your preps go smoothly! and may you avoid the beauty industry’s CNY price hikes hehe.

    1. Thanks babe! I used quite a few samples from Pinterest but in the end there was only 1 I liked. I hope so too but looks like might have to delay until after the cny weekend

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