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Huitième Année / 27 

December is really special for my bf and I because we celebrate ❤ double happiness ❤ it’s our anniversary and his birthday month  (Also Christmas and the school holidays and new years eve. Good god). Of course come next year, I don’t think we will remember December as an anniversary month anymore. As usual I’m getting sentimental saying goodbye to my single years and the years I’ve enjoyed my bed to myself. I love you, bed. 

Speaking of bed, we have purchased our first furniture together and it’s our matrimonial bed LOL. I feel so adult deciding on the mattress and the upholstery for it. It’s a pretty big bed and I can’t wait to have it because I’m probably making myself, my own corner. I just have to get my hands on good bedding . 😬😬😬

I know some people say I’m overthinking it, and have spent most of 2016 formulating ways to keep my independence and individualism in a marriage. There’s so much i can say and worry about, really. and maybe I should stop before my friends shut me down about being paranoid. 

I’ve been asked also if I’m nervous about the wedding. I don’t think I am yet. I’ve started sending out my Save the Dates and asking to meet up with old friends to pass them my invites but it hasn’t really hit me yet. I’m still waiting… But I am easily getting annoyed now at deadlines that are closing in and vendors who take forever to answer. I’m sure everyone goes through this. Maybe it’s the timing– the holiday season and people are most likely away. Maybe it was because I procrastinated for so long and this is karma.


Here’s what we did for our anniversary this year. We had a pretty early dinner and then to the Esplanade for the Nutcracker. I’ve been a fan ever since I was little and have probably watched a few versions of this ballet. I enjoyed it so much and was a little surprise that he suggested it in the first place. I don’t really know what got into him but you know how it is with long term relationships — heh. 8 long years and I still wonder sometimes what he’s coming up with. 

Dinner was at the Royals Steakhouse which I thought was alright. I was irritated because the doneness got mixed up. I usually have steak medium-rare because anything above medium for me, is a perfect burger or a stew. It’s just my personal taste. My dream one day is to try a steak rare and I have a feeling I know where to go for that already. So much passion for beef. Lol. My bf though, even after a short stint in his school days, at Prime Society, does not enjoy steak below medium. He doesn’t enjoy a lot of things because I’m the more adventurous eater but I’m constantly egging him on with siput sedut, cockles, oysters, duck etc. 😂

This is such a bad picture but I loved the mashed potatoes! And God knows why they have cili padi for condiments. We ordered coffee and dessert too (ondeh-ondeh cake!) which were great ❤ it’s really easy to please me.

We celebrated his birthday on Christmas because it was a weekend and we were both not working. It’s great because everyone’s feeling festive and happy but everywhere was crowded as hell and it rained half the day so it was kinda nice. 

So we first attended an ex-schoolmate’s wedding at Mamanda, caught up with some old friends from JC. It was great 🙂 And then went to the ArtScience Museum for the 3 exhibitions that was going on. 

Spent close to 3 hours there–  the longest for NASA’s which I bet was his favourite. I quite like Future World and Escher’s who I first heard of in Sec 2 while I was doing research on Surrealism for my final art exam. That’s me prioritising on the non important stuff in school.

We had steak again. Heh heh heh . It’s probably because I was a little unhappy about the last steak. But 2 steaks in a month… is really a luxury. This time I told him we will go to Le Steak because they have never ever made a blunder of our meals before. It’s almost perfecttt.  

Birthday boy had the Wagyu which I’m definitely going for the next time. It’s the best steak I’ve ever had I think? I don’t think it’s overly pricey as well but of course we reserve these places for the special occasions. I had the USDA Prime Grade Ribeye which was the second best to his Wagyu la because I have to let him make better choices for food sometimes (more about that next time). Their coffee was super good too! 

I was so full after that we left without desserts. 😦

On his birthday itself I joined his family after work at our favourite Thai joint at Jln Kledek – Koh Nangkam. Specifically it’s Southern Thai and the lady chef is really from Thailand but having married to a Malay guy, I have a feeling some of her dishes are more Malay than Thai sometimes. I’ve enjoyed all my visits to Koh Nangkam 😬 I love their basil chicken (done so righttt) and turmeric squid 🐷🐷🐷🐷 

I’ve literally seen these boys grow up to be so smart and so confident. And they are definitely the life of my bf’s home. I can’t wait to see Mardhiah and Raudhah — my bf’s nieces, grow up too ❤ I’m always happy to be around the family. 

My bf is now a year older and he will be so full of life. Hahaha. His adulthood has only just begun. Sometimes I see ourselves really young and free and we could do anything we really want. Part of me hope we will always be like this but Heraclitus came up with the no-longer hipster quote “change is the only constant”.

I mean look


I tried but I unfortulnately have an old-fashioned soul.

I wish for only the good things for my bf and may he continue to be the best he can for himself in this world and the Hearafter. Soon it looks like he has to take on an even bigger responsibility that is me. But don’t worry b, i can do this. ❤ luv u 4eva lol


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