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#shonilyas in 3 – priorities (a post overdue)

I realise it’s already December and I’ve put on hold a good number to things-to-do because I really needed to focus on my course. I’m sure I’ve been in this situation before but I can’t remember how I felt exactly back then but passing my first course felt like the happiest thing back in 2013. (Then of course passing my OJT in 2014). Now that November is over and I’m going back to start my OJT again, and I should also slowly go back to my wedding planning. 

So… 3 things we were up to in November and early December

Wedding Invitations & table numbers

We finally gotten around to having our invitation cards printed.. we have 3 different invites to send out but I really enjoyed this process for some reason. No, I don’t have a creative flair so I’m glad I left it in the hands of the experts to help me in that department. (I did make our Save the Date E-cards though)

(I took these off my pinterest)

We wanted a really minimalist look for our cards and I pushed the limits with my parents because they thought my card was really really bare. 😂 also because we weren’t sooo into the hotel’s wedding invite so we decided to make our own, a really simple one that didn’t require us to hand write our own date and time and our names. Lol. I guess everyone’s cutting cost these days.

For our wedding dinner, we decided to personalise our table numbers. Instead of having running numbers, we decided to use table themes that relate to our relationship 😬 some of our table numbers include our anniversary date and our year of births. 

This was done by my bf who really surprised me with his creativity lol. I never imagined that he had some of that in him. Not bad actually for a guy’s work.

Statutory declaration at ROMM

Went early on a Friday morning (10am?) And we were done by about 11am. It was a quick one actually. All we had to do was bring our NRICs and my dad– who’s giving me away 😂. We signed some stuff, took an oath and was asked a few questions by the Kadi on duty. Also, the lady at the counter wrote a strange date on our slip and I asked my dad what it was, he said it was his wedding date to mom. I felt a little warm and wanted to tear honestly but I guess some good things have to come to an end sometimes. 

Wedding bands

This was a pretty fun process actually as compared to all the other wedding related decisions to be made or already made. I was pretty set on a plain band with milgrain details at first..

(From Blue nile)

And I kept looking at all the designs I had in mind, even the minimalistic ones like

(Lol this was a Google image by aliexpress)

I really like this one above but I decided against it in the end because I don’t know if I can see myself wearing that when I get a little older. I think at the end of the day I’m still quite the boring traditional old lady inside when it comes to these things.

(From Etsy)

So I decided to go with one that’s slightly like the top photo but in white gold, because yellow and rose gold just drown and disappear in my skin. And something not so rounded because I tried a rounded edge band and it didn’t really look that great on me. So before buying a ring or committing to a custom design, please just try on the band. Right now, i can’t believe the risk my bf took while making my engagement ring. But hey, great job again to the guy who’s so full of surprises sometimes. And of course James Allen ❤

He decided to go with a plain platinum band with rounded edges. I mean, I should’ve just gone with his idea instead of changing my mind so often or trying on so many types of rings. We got the same finish (shiny, rather than matte) so it’ll look more matchy — like the bands that come in pairs. Well they should look the part at least. 

Still freaking pending 

most milestone payments are due in Dec and Jan 

– the freaking timeline(s) although I’m mostly done and left with Sunday’s events.

– buy all the gift tray items

– table top frames for the dinner part

– settle all the last details with all my vendors

December will be a great because we celebrate our anniversary on the 10th, my bfs birthday and for the wedding we have the pre-wedding shoot and hopefully finish up on the planning part. I love December!


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