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#shonilyas in 4 – all at once

This post will be dedicated to the places I’d like to go for the honeymoon. This might be a little tricky because I will be on my OJT so I’m pretty sure I won’t be going for long, or maybe not at all (until i pass). See, this is what I haven’t thought about. 

Also, this is lack of foresight when it comes to planning my future because our home is almost ready so I’m not sure if I should be focusing on it or the honeymoon or the wedding or my job. (My job la definitely lol). 2017 is going to be one hell of a year. And it’s going to make me broke AF. 

Picking a destination was difficult, as with every other detail for the wedding. But this one is for real, honest to God, diffficult. Partly because we have been to quite a few places ourselves with friends and on our own. I thought hard and deliberated long about going back to Bali but decided not to include it for the honeymoon. I loved Bali so much while we were there and we even went back. But its time we add new destinations to add to our list.

A honeymoon should be; restricted just to one or two cities/destinations preferably because we are really supposed to enjoy and not go off in all directions. Also because i’m not 20 anymore- running for trains all around Europe and sharing the room and shower with drunk kids sounds annoying even in my dreams. That’s my only specification. And of course goodbye metabolism and endurance because my sleeping pattern is almost matching up to a grandma’s. So…

1. Sri Lanka 

(By Ceylon Tea Trails)

Top of this list is to visit the tea trails and learn more about tea because on one hand, I accept that I love coffee (thanks mom) but.. I also am my father’s daughter and would gladly take tea where there is no coffee. Also because this place and pace is so different from any of our trips before, I might like a change. Or not at all but I’d like to relax for awhile.

(By Sri Lanka tourism)

This is catered to my bf who needs some sort of activity and adventure in all his trips overseas. (So much for relaxing) I’d love to visit and maybe hike up Adam’s Peak. It’s also a sacred site for the Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians and you know how I like these mystical, legendary places. The more spiritual, the more I’ll like it.

The other highlights that I’ve gathered are: the beaches in summer, whale watching.

Both B and I have not been to Sri Lanka too. 

2. South Africa (more of Cape Town)

I had my bf in mind when picking this as one of the destinations. Obviously because my bf is an animal lover. More accurately, he is a wild animal lover. He also thinks he’s some sort of snake whisperer after his stint with the Night Safari a few years ago.

So we would like to visit the safaris!

(By travel-travel travel.net)

I’ve only been to Johannesburg and while I was there i visited the lion cubs and got to touch them too. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they were really cute 

Other than that Cape Town is a cultural capital in its own right and I’m a sucker for these things. I think we will enjoy this one. 

3. Mauritius 

(By Thomas Cook)

This is self explanatory.

I mean it only says 2 things: Honeymoon and sex. (HOW DO I PUT THIS LESS CRUDELY?)

 4. Jogjakarta

Somewhere closer to home and just as magical is Jogjakarta. My parents went there for their honeymoon too (together with Bali, how nice). 

I enjoy culture and mystic, and visiting religious sites. So this is probably more for me. Although I think my bf (or I’m convinced that) enjoyed Bali and Cambodia. 

(By Lonely Planet)

As of now, these are the places I would like to go to. We might have a change of heart or something might change along the way. I’m too lazy to think and research on any more destinations. (Also please stop thinking about Mauritius guys LOL) 

Other wedding related updates: 

1. WIP: Invitation cards are works-in-progress for us both. Yay. We are just left with our dinner invite which I’d gladly leave to the hotel.

Outfits: all outfits are WIPs. Only the solemnization outfits hasn’t been done because… I have gotten my appointment with RN. Good because I have no inspiration but.. bad because I don’t want to be in such a rush to have them ready. Urgh. Dilemma. But if there’s one thing I learnt, there’s no need to rush. 

 2. I’m only left with 1 thing to book. (Hurray?) And that’s my henna artist. 😁 ONE! Not bad for someone who’s such a procrastinator.

3. Also been on my ass about the wedding dinner program and ironing out the nitty-gritties on the whole wedding itself. I’m open to anyone with a program sample or itinerary because God knows I need one now. 

4. We also need to prepare for our pre-wedding photoshoot. But I’ve been really tired everyday in the weekdays and on the weekends I just want to rest. Seriously this course has me in the palm of its hands. 



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