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#shonilyas in 5 – less traction, more push

Here I start my posting about the wedding. I wouldn’t normally write about it because I don’t know what to say in my posts. Some of my friends say or think I might be too relaxed for someone getting married in ~ 5 months but I honestly don’t think I’ll like myself if I get panicky and frowning all the time, fussing. The less I know, the less I worry. That’s right. So…

1. Theme

Because the wedding event will spill over 2 days (dont worry guys i’m tired already), I think it’ll be nice to have different themes but of course something that don’t deviate too much from what we like. My favourite color is navy blue but I know having it as a primary color is not a good idea so I decided to use it as a little ‘pop’ of color in the theme.

Pinterest: The Knot

Of course i use Pinterest because I am a lazy person who can scroll on and on and end up with 1001 pins and no decision.

When I spoke to my wedding planners/decor company, they were a little surprised that i would want such a masculine color but they were happy to comply. I’ve had my reservations too before deciding on going with navy. I have seen some weddings with a pretty strong color palettes (black/pink or red/green lol) but I’ve yet to see a really nice navy blue/blush/coral combination.. so I hope and I have faith that they can make it work. 😁 

Some dais inspiration I have are

(Also on Pinterest: Jentayu Galley and Chenta Weddings)

They are both… similar HAHA.

In this department, I do not have control. 

Let me just remind myself here that I want to make it as least painful as possible so I’m going to let my parents decide on the madness that is my pelamin. Lol. I’ve tried but they’ve got their reasons I’m sure. Whatever that reason is ill probably find that out in my next life because there is no way I can see why they make certain choices in life (life choices too but that’s another story altogether). I’m sure my decor people can make it work so I’m not entirely worried about the dais. 

Also to reiterate how lazy I am, I’m basically making my cards, dulang hantaran, berkat etc etc and even got my catering contact through my planners. Yes they do cost an arm and leg (probably my left kidney too) but I have so much faith and love for their work. Let’s hope for the best and wait for the magic to happen πŸ˜‚ 

My bf has yet to decide on his theme and we are still exploring for his event. For our dinner decor….. we have yet to see because it’s not time yet. (Heh)

2. Bridal and tailors

This wasn’t that difficult of a choice because once I found out that our friend Tasha started her own bridal line, we asked for her packages. I met Tasha through my bf, and I found out some years back that we’re related by marriage on my dad’s side. What a happy coincidence! I’m so happy for her, Samir and their little one. And I absolutely love Nawwarah’s bridal costumes and make up style because they’re really clean and soft! 

Here’s a throwback of Tasha and Samir’s work back in 2011 when they first started dabbling in make up and photography

It’s kinda like a no brainer that Samir is our photographer too. But more later…

I remember being over the moon when Tasha asked if I wanted to customise 2 outfits -for Sunday’s event. I know it’s much simpler choosing off the rack because, as usual, 1001 pins zero decision. I love her existing collection too

(Taken off Nawwarahbridal’s instagram)

This last one is so Berta bridal! 😍😍

All my gown inspirations are silvers and whites. So I’m prepared to be swallowed by my dais.

I have met Tasha at her new office and submitted the designs I liked and they’ve also taken our measurements and let’s just say I’m devoting my 5 months to losing all the weight I can lol. My next meeting with them would be the first fitting.

My nikah outfit designer was decided within a few hours probably when Raffiey Nasir had a promotion last year. (lol kancheong) It was a promotion for a pair of solemnization outfits so it was a snap call for me. Problem is I do not know what i want. I have yet to meet RN but I’m sure he will do a great job. Although knowing me, I’m a really bochup person so yes I am a little worried.  I’m trying to channel my “cross the bridge when you get to it” attitude towards this portion of my wedding. So nope no inspiration yet but I hope to get some soon.

I have one more dinner outfit that I’m making on my own and I went to my trusty tailor Aunty Sally who has made for me a few years worth of raya outfits. I love her attention to detail and workmanship. I came with some laces I got from Bandung and she advised me on what to use. I ended up with a whole 4 metres of lace that wasn’t “wedding material”…  guess I can use them for something else. Plus I had to fork out some more cash to get myself duchess satin because I’m the idiot who doesn’t know what to get in the first place. That’s the problem with me. I also came with 4 designs in mind but ended up going with one that she sketched for me.. heh. This is really why I shouldn’t bother personalising my stuff.




The other designers I was looking at and absolutely love were Jenny Peckham, Berta and Claire Pettibone. But of course buying them would cost my other leg (and right kidney) so an inspired piece it has to be.

For the dinner event also, we went to K tailors to make my groom-to-be a suit. Their service is really good and I was so taken that I myself made some shirts and pants there. πŸ™Š I’ve never tailored my clothes (except raya clothes) so I hope my first time goes well.

3. Photo & videography

For photography I’m grateful for friends who made it easy for me to decide. Samir (samir.pictures) and Syarfique (Blissphoto+cinema) were our choices. Fiq- I met through Yati (who will be doing my flowers right? Heh heh heh) and we have all been friends/couple friends. We have a great friendship with these two photographers so I’m pretty much sure that we can work together well. Hopefully!

Their work can be viewed here and here

Our videographers– we took quite a long time to deliberate on whether we should have one in the first place. In the end, we decided to engage one for the memories. This was quite a tough one too because there were so many good vendors out there! For the first time in my life I had to drag my bf to a Wedding Expo earlier this year for a hunt lol.

We picked Videosmith after a long chat with the lady boss at a bridal expo and I think we made a pretty good choice. I love that they have a certain signature to their videos like using the full “khutbah nikah” (nts: pick a kadi that’s not long winded or speak too strangely) and for using music specifically made for films; I know I’m starting to sound a bit anal but there are so many songs out there to use… i know someone out there might also be a fan of justin bieber and we might use the same song. (Of course I’m being sarcastic) 

Right, so at this point in time I hope no one comes up to me to tell me I made the wrong choices. Or something bad is happening on the business side of my marriage. 

4. Wedding timeline 

I’ve been working with my bf (and also with contribution from our friends here and there) on the event timelines. I feel tired rather quickly and get distracted throughout the whole time so I better wake up my idea and listen to my friends when they say they get stressed up that I’m not stressed up. 

I’ve done some research here and there and have a lot of ideas but I’ve not weigh the feasibility of my ideas. We are probably 40% done with the timeline! I just need to get it done before we meet next with our families to go through it and with our bridesmaids and groomsmens. 

Also I have to thank my bf for knowing MS excel inside out because that is one program I have never been interested enough to learn about. I’m sorry but I’ll put in more effort in this area. I take my hats off to you office/corporate people because people like me don’t work behind the computer enough. 

5. Whats next? and In closing

In the coming month, we will have things to do already because time is actually, beginning to run out. Some of the things we need to get out of our way are

To submit a marriage application to ROMM 

To book whatever vendors we are left with to book (lol yes we still have vendors to book. stress or not?)

Explore on whether we need to attend pre marriage course, if yes then which one (my mom is probably the right person to ask because she audits pre marriage courses)

Start to do up my table numbers for the dinner.

That’s all I can think of for now. Heh.

I may or may not have the time or capacity to blog in detail about the wedding preparation but for memories’ sake, I’ll try my best. I’ll probably make my conclusions and share my opinions at the end of it all because right now I really don’t want to worry about anything. 

After the engagement i realise everyone’s journey is different. Some rosy and some not so rosy. Some end up married and some end up with other people, some end up travelling the world alone, which is a good idea too. I guess when it comes to these things, as long as we have our conscience clear and we go to bed every night not wondering about the “could have beens” and what we should or shouldn’t have done, we are alright. We pick up where we left off every morning.

I find that for journeys that aren’t so rosy, especially towards the end of it, there’s a certain traction and that you need to want it enough to pull through. It’s easy for some but at the same time so difficult for others. I guess here’s to us 😁

Until then…


7 thoughts on “#shonilyas in 5 – less traction, more push

  1. Hey BTB!
    Thanks for the follow back. Just realised that we may have the same colours for our wedding theme *high fives* – and I agree, have yet to see a well-executed navy/blush combi. We’re meeting our decorators soon, so here’s hoping they have some fresh ideas – will update! =)

    1. Hey! No worries. That’s great I rarely find other girls who don’t mind this combination. πŸ€—πŸ€— I’m sure it will turn out gorgeous!

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