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A proper Aidilfitri photolog and the usual 10 pointers 

1. In the morning of Aidilfitri, I discovered the best thing ever; my back camera for selfie taking. I can see every detail. Although it is hard (for me) to take a proper selfie I think it’s worth the effort. It’s just as good as the Samsung camera we have so now I really have no use for one anymore. Of course I wouldn’t be caught with no make up on my back camera because I can see everything lol. Also I didn’t use anything to filter or edit this picture and I’m quite happy at how my skin behaved considering I went quite last minute for my facial.. the rest is all.. well.. make up.

2. I’m lucky to still have a father around. He may not be around physically while I was growing up but he was always there with me when I needed him most. Like on nights when I fell sick and had to go to the A&E or when I needed a surety to sign my bonds ha ha ha. I feel bad these days if I have to reject his requests. I realised too that my dad will be turning the big 6 next year and it pains me. I never saw my dad age like other dads or other men at 59 (we always joke that he’s forever young) but I could see age catching up to him this year. 

3. My mom and I have gone a long long way through a relationship that’s probably not the usual mother-daughter thing. She has all my respect and she has all my love even though I’ve done a lot of shit in my life to not deserve any love from her. 😦 My mom works harder than anyone I know and I shouldn’t be complaining when my mom asks for favours. I owe her too much i guess and obviously I cannot do without her, not yet and not ever probably.

4. My sister is probably the closest person to me growing up. I don’t think we had anyone else but each other to entertain ourselves back then. We understood each other but at the same time I could go really crazy and really mad because of her. I guess ever since she got married she has been paving out her own life and we are all OK with it. At some point people leave and build their own lives and our own lives change. Things were much simpler when we were 8 or 10 year olds staying up through the night annoying our late grandma during the fasting month. But things always have to change.

5. Home and family. I can build a home anywhere as long as I have my family with me. At the end of the day the only people who should matter are those who will see you through your down days. The thing is about family for me, doesn’t necessarily have to be the ones who are bonded to you by blood. I learnt this year that some people, even “family” can cut you off over reasons that you cannot understand. My late grandma lived her life not knowing who her real folks were and she only knew the ones she knew. But she truly fought for the family she made with my grandfather. I miss you nenek and I hope you’re having a better time wherever you are. A better time than the one you had in this world. 

On a lighter (less emo) note i did miss going to my uncles’ homes because I had to work on the days my mom planned to go 😣😣😣 I’ll be more careful with my raya plans next year.

6. This is also the very first year my parents and his parents visited each others’ homes. Also… We don’t practice going out with each other’s family on the first day of raya. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to abandon my family’s raya plans after I’m married anyway 😃😃 Besides I have a dad who is super ONZ about raya visiting so his plans overwrites anything really. Here’s to a more hectic, festive and busy raya with my future in-laws next year. 

7. Friends 

Besides my girls, i have in my life these 3 boys I met in JC. Although we only started getting close after JC. We are super tight, lol as you can see I’m marrying one of them and I think we know practically everything about each other. Like 99% probably. I learnt that friendships are not measured only by Time. And I know that if a falling out can be fixed, the friendship is for keeps. These guys have also seen the worst of me and the other 2 are mine and B’s saviours most times. I know people like to separate friends and boyfriends but we are probably a living example of how having close mutual friends kept my relationship going. We talk it out, we get mad and we listen. Thank you briends 😂

Nastygals missed Fary this year from the Jalan Raya 😦 I met Fary and Lin through my bf and friends and I never imagined that we stuck with other over time and circumstance. I’d stand up for these girls anytime because we do have something really special. People think we just bitch all day and all night (read: nasty) but that is not true at all. We share our good and bad days and if I need an opinion they’re the right people for me to ask. Also we share the same sense of humour and the same birth month. Again, not all friendships begin at 13. I’m happy I make meaningful relationships even in my 20s 🙂

Also thankful that I can call my boyfriends friends my friends too 🙂

I met Yati in primary school but we got closer while I was in SQ. I’m thankful for all the things she has done for me, especially engagement and wedding related stuff. We both met Aisyah on one fateful and dramatic SQ12 one of the CNYs. It’s amazing how we found each other and stuck as friends even after Yati and I left. ❤❤❤ I may not have a lot of friends but I’m glad I have those who I can talk to anytime. Can’t wait for Aisyah’s wedding because I’m a bridesmaid for the 2nd time 😂

8. This was my first raya meal. My favourite dish will always be my mom’s Sambal Goreng. It’s actually my late grandma’s recipe and my uncles will specifically want my mom to make it for raya every year because we are sentimental sods. And I would say for someone who doesn’t cook and especially not the typical malay dishes daily, my mom nails it every single year. I also LOVE ketupat (lol as if I can’t get lontong any other time). This year I had a total overdose of ketupat, lodeh, sambal goreng, ayam masak merah, rendang… the whole works guys!

9. I made a Baju Kurung on purpose this year just to see what I’d look like in one. Only because ill be wearing one for my akad nikah and i dont want to get a shock of my life when i do. LOLOL. I usually make a kebaya or a long dress with a lace outer layer. I’m not a fan of a kurung tbh. I hope I look alright. At least I think I look alright… right? 

10. Ramadan came and left us so quickly but for some reason Syawal felt like forever. Heh. I mean I’m all for the raya mood but by the 3rd weekend, it was starting to feel like a drag. And when i had enough of raya food i just want me some truffle fries and sticky date from PS cafe with my girls, bringing me back to reality because WEDDING is coming! They told me what a chill bride I was and I flatly said I won’t even like myself if the bridezilla  in me comes on.

Here we are back to waiting for the next Ramadan and hopefully I’ll become a better person by then. Everyday can be quite the struggle for me but I try. 🙂


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