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#30by30 living naturally 

So back in late 2014 I tried a no-poo hair journey for 3 months and then decided to stop it because my hair was really damaged by the bleaching and probably was suffering from a backlash of all the hair styling products I had been piling on my head for years. (Ended up with hair with a lot of residue and tangles). After trying my best not to do any more damage for the past year and eventually also snipping off my hair, I’d say I’m ready to give it another go, for the sake of my health (and hair health)

One of my #30by30 goals is to try to live as naturally and organically (?) as I can. I’ve been trying out some stuff here and there for external use and internal consumption too and here are my favourite products.

Coconut oil

Here’s a product that has multiple uses after using it for about 2 years. I’ve used it as an oil on my hair, to gargle, to swallow (lol), as a body lotion and in cooking. I wouldn’t use it on my face because coconut oil is comedogenic. Yup. I found that coconut oil has a comedogenic rating of 4. And better alternatives are argan oil or shea butter which have a rating of 0. It is a good carrier oil for essential oils (more on this hopefully in future) so I do intend to continue the use of this oil.

Apple cider vinegar

I’ve used Heinz’s but I don’t think it can get anymore organic than Bragg’s. Smells awful to me, tastes even worse. But here are the great benefits of ACV and what I use it for

1. Antibacterial and can be used as an astringent on skin. Diluted of course.

2. Gets rid of product buildup on scalp, balances the scalp’s pH level and conditions hair. I dilute 1/6 of an average glass of water with water and use it at the very last rinse about twice a week. Then halfway through my glass I’ll dilute it further and dab some on my face so it works as an toner. See pointer 1.

3. Lowers/maintains blood sugar, cholesterol and hopefully weight. Of course this works hand in hand with exercise and a cleaner better diet.

And other benefits you can Google on. 😁 basically on days I don’t use it, I consume it. 

Argan Oil 

I’ve tried pure argan oil when my mom was back from Morocco late last year but I never dared to put it on my face because I kept thinking it would defeat the purpose of trying to keep my skin as oil free as I can. Of course I learnt along the way that not oils are made equal for your skin and there are some oils your skin will thank you for. When my mom’s supplied ended I wanted to try out putting argan oil on my face and I stumbled upon Mooi Singapore on my Instagram explore page and decided to get a bottle of her argan oil 😁

I’ve been using it post facial (when my skin is the angriest after all the extraction) and I’m glad that it really did not clog my pores any further, healed my red and painful spots overnight and acts as an all in one moisturiser. I think I’m 90% sold. I just need to get through this bottle to decide fully. Her other products that I got are the Macaron deodorants which is a set of 4 natural deodorants with 4 distinct scents from essential oils. 

Works pretty well and my skin doesn’t feel itchy nor did I have an adverse reaction to it. So far so good for me 😅

Manuka Honey

Maybe I’ve mentioned it a few times before but I swear by it. I consume it and I wear it as a mask on my face sometimes. Just honey for an hour then rinse. My skin hardly breaks out nowadays. I now only need to figure out a way to get rid of my clogged pores for longerrrr I mean like for years. Other than that I take it for general well being and sometimes to aid sleep.

Other things I’ve tried on a regular basis but I’m not going to put a picture of them here because my mom transferred them out of the packaging are

Chia seeds – I mostly put them in my water or my overnight oats. Basically they are full of protein to keep you fuller, longer 

Organic oats, oat milk, rolled oats – I’ve started to take ovenight oats quite regularly now. My recipes are so straightforward and boring – oats, fruits (usually raspberries/blueberries/bananas/dates, chia seeds, milk/yogurt/oat milk and sometimes when I need a kick, my favourite pb from peanut butter and co. I bought my jars from Daiso haha.

Organic brown rice – hated it at first. But I tried to make all sorts of brown rice so that I can try to be happier eating them

I tried to cook them with veggies. Then I tried to cook them with garlic and corn. (All in a rice cooker) I just don’t have the courage to try them on their own.

Here are the other things that are on my wishlist right now 

1. Essential oils – in multiples ways and for multiple uses to heal

2. Learn to make proper quinoa

3. Learn to make healthy chicken dishes because chicken is the easiest meat to deal with lol



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