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Raya; my favourite time of the year

Followed by Christmas time. But I’ll explain that another time heh

We are down to the last few days and I am excited! I don’t know why I get excited for most years that I’ve been alive. We don’t do the whole ketupat weaving or hanging the lampu kelap-kelip thing but we have our own ways that makes it just as festive. πŸ˜‚ Anyway this post is supposed to be, for me, light hearted because there’s just too much going on these days.

Spring Cleaning

Yes when you live in a household like mine, you get a mom who is a clean freak borderline OCD and i become her slave over the weekends so thank God I work some weekends. Heh. These few years my mom’s been engaging a part time helper for the chores. Although most of the time she does the cleaning on her own and she has her own system and ways to do it that even I can’t understand. This is also the time we throw out things.. I’m amazed at how much i hoard sometimes. We haven’t gotten anything new now that mom’s moving out in a few years.

At this point my favourite chore would be changing my bedsheets and cleaning my dresser and all my make up brushes 😁

Baju Raya

I bought the fabric months ago from Bandung’s D’Fashion. KIASU. My favourite tailor was already filled with raya orders by end April πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ i couldnt believe it. So I had to go for my second choice tailor at Parklane. She’s good too and i like her workmanship but I’m not sure if she understands fully the fit and style I like. Because she also has my measurements from last year, it was pretty much a quick visit. Only problem i had was, I went for my fitting and the top was toooooo big. I did not lose an inch so I don’t know whose measurements she used. That’s the most probable explanation that I could think of. Otherwise it’s all good.

The rest of my baju(s) this year were bought online from Byxlola, SodaGembiraOS, OooohlalaOS and Zalora. For some reason this year I preferred buying.. with a risk that is embodied in “online shopping” of course. And yes I finally bought something to match bb this year πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ first time ever!


Lol i don’t even know why I bought 2 white tops


I hope I’m not being judged right now. I try to make it a point to get my hair done, facial done, brows and lashes lit before raya. I know this isn’t prescribed by everyone but I really really enjoy treating myself as part of my raya prep. πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š (i also do it pre-birthday time and for special dates) I would’ve gotten my nails done too but now I just do it once a month πŸ˜‚ I have my sloppy days and I really mean out-of-night-shift sloppy but I try to look as presentable as I can. Most times at least. I can’t pull of messy-hobo at all nor the whole polished-i-got-it-girl look so let’s just stick to being decent.

I’m glad I found and settled for Lionel from Hair Movement (big props to Adilin for getting me hooked) because he’s so good at haircuts. Second to James who now only cuts hair by appointment and would cost me $80 😦 Although I also feel like trying out Karva one of these days. I went to Browhaus to get my lashes permed and brows done. And of course my ever reliable Vis for my facials.


I’m so happy with my formation of make up, especially this one.


I know I said I’ll be loyal to KVD but these two new friends here have been haunting me for awhile so I listened to my inner demon and got them. HAHA.

On a slightly serious note, KVD lipsticks and make up are vegan so.. it’s a good thing for us Muslims right? I read somewhere that we don’t know it but we do consume our lipstick, when we lick our lips or when we eat and drink. Who knows? Her make up is also vegan too. Not entirely wudhu friendly but it’s a start. And it’s a win win for me I guess. HEH

Kuih Raya and food

We don’t make the raya goodies so I get them every year from various people and shops. My favourite is and forever will be pineapple tarts and I do miss the times my late grandmother made them. This time we will also have Red velvet cookies, oatmeal cookies and Kuih makmur which I have not found an acquired taste for. Together with a few others. I have yet to collect them! Can’t wait though.

My mom does her own cooking and I foresee cooking with her being a tradition for me even after I’ve moved out. I love my moms sambal goreng. I cannot say enough how much I love it because I can eat it for days and not complain. This time though she plans to make Kerutuk daging, something she is crazy about after visiting Kota Bharu a few times and Sayur Lodeh. What’s on everyone else’s raya menu these days?

Sampul duit/money packets

I have been giving them out. Although I feel most times I need the hongbao more. Heh. I will go to the extent of looking for nice sampuls. I also do get the ones that they sell at the bazaar because they are so cheap! But I’ll also get fancy ones and I like that some of them can be used for weddings in future too.


The ones at the top I got from Kraftease, it’s the second year I’ve gotten my sampuls from them and they really don’t disappoint. The floral ones I got courtesy of Fleursbyspoleczny and they’re so pretty:) and the last row i got from Papertrooper via @Natashatan I also managed to get some from OCBC after changing my notes. Heh.

See how I take giving money to kids seriously πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

I hope everyone’s been having a great time preparing for raya and deepening their faith. I wonder too how it’ll be when I have my own place.. I mean will I be like my mom? HAHA. Here’s to a blessed Ramadhan!


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