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I don’t really think I’m a health freak. I’m probably half the freak my mom is and it probably has rubbed off me in a few ways. It was my mom who introduced me to chia seeds and rolled oats, and all kinds of ‘natural’ (or really natural) supplements. It might have all started from that one bottle of Manuka honey I brought home years ago because we always have a bottle at home ever since. And my mom has all kinds of uses for it, she even suggested using it on my dad’s cat LOL

I’m a cheat and I love to take pills and capsules that I can easily swallow in 2 seconds. I honestly cannot be bothered to make health foods on my own and my friends know I don’t even to want to prepare my own meals. (I will when I get my own kitchen guys!) I just put chia seeds in my water.. For convenience. I don’t feel like making salads out of them 😂 in fact I think I put everything in water. I love water! I can drink A LOT in a day which is why the water bottle I bring to work is a 1 litre (sometimes I wish it was 1.5l so I don’t have to top it up so much). It’s heavy and makes my bag sag most times but it’s ok. I need it. Also because I take so much coffee too 😦 which is something I need to cut down on. 

For a few years now but not religiously I have been taking these supplements

I first took that gingko supplement when I was in training school. I don’t want to sound like a fanatic but I think it works for me. Or I might generally have good memory (for all kinds of nonsense too). I just needed to sharpen my short term memory I guess. But this won’t work with lack of sleep. I have forgotten stuff when I’m tired.. 😂

I’m pretty sure Eyebright doesn’t work on me because my eyesight is getting worse by the year. 😦 this fish oil is fantastic because it’s not expensive and its made with fish gelatin. And that Maxi hair gave me a breakout because it probably has too much biotin for my body to handle. But my nails have gotten stronger over time even though i don’t take it daily anymore. My nails used to be paper thin that they would peel instead of break.. from all the gel manicures I went for I think. 
Other than these supplements I have to take melatonin (not daily) and some indonesian weird ass liquid thing that my mom claims will make me smell better (I don’t stink BTW) 

I’m trying to take my supplements more regularly because I probably have poor nutrition. I try to also juice veggie more and more nowadays because I think it has helped me lose some weight GAHAHAHA. I don’t do heavy exercises except jog because my spirit animal is a sloth. The only reason why I’m trying (not so hard) is because I have this thing called WEDDING to do and just in case I balloon after that. I’m so afraid because I know it doesn’t pay to be happy (kidding! Please don’t grill me). Happy fat exists. 😡

It’s ok I can be Kakak-kakak body later in my afterlife or my next life I promise. 


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