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Bandung 10 (mostly food) pointers


1. I don’t think I’ll ever be bored of Bandung. I only cannot handle all the traffic jams

2. The last coffee I had in Bandung (General Co.) was exceptional, some were disappointing. I’m not exaggerating when I say exceptional. 

3. My last meal there also probably caused my extreme food poisoning. I paid for it by going to the toilet 22 times (I counted lol) over the weekend and ran a fever. I’m never ever going to “Food courts” in Bandung. I’d rather stick to the good old Warungs. Funny how the one place you’d think is safer, ends up making you sick. It’s called Paskal Food Market. 

4. Dinner at Stone cafe was my Favourite– it was cold up there, the food was amazing and the live band was really really good. Followed by the Ayam penyet (even though it’s Surabaya’s specialty), I’ve had it 3 times, one for every time I visit. It’s like a tempeh pilgrimage for me. 

5. Back at D’Fashion and I’m extremely happy because my parents and I managed to get fabric for my bridesmaids, family members and myself for the wedding. I love that they have personal shoppers to entertain my fickle self. And that they served us drinks and food because we were there for 6 hours. 😂 

6. I’ll try a different hotel or accommodation the next time. they have glamping sites there now 😁

7. I wasn’t overly worried at how my parents were going to get along with each other. As long as they don’t scratch each other’s eyes and hearts out. I’m happy I decided that they both should come with me on this trip

8. 5 days to entertain everyone’s shopping lists and food cravings was just nice. We went on the Monday before the March holidays (thank God)

9. Amanda steamed brownies and cheese sticks were a hit at work. I brought the original and the cream cheese to work. Tiramisu was not too bad either. 

10. I had a good time at the factory outlets too. Natürlich 


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