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I hereby pledge my loyalty

It’s been a long time since a make up related post heh. 

If I had to rank my favourite make up items it would be (and I think I have blogged about some of them)

1. Lip colors

2. Mascaras & eyeliners

3. Foundations

4. Concealors

5. Bronzers/blushes/brushes/contour kits

6. All other things including highlighters because I’m oily so I don’t need anymore shine than I already have. 

I sold off some of my lippies, because even though I love them so much, no one really wears lipstick at work so I’m not about to get called out for strange reasons– Especially when they’re not good reasons. I had to sell them off because I’ll take forever to finish them. 😦 I’m amazed people do love buying lipsticks off Carousell. Haha

I had a lip liner phase too. Where I’ll just fill my whole lips with lip liner and gloss it. I had a nude phase so I’ll get similar shades of nude just for kicks. I’m very picky with my reds though and the best red shade that I ever owned was a Dior Rouge Addict. I can’t remember the exact shade but it was the most awesome blue-red. Chanel’s RAI in Pirate comes in second for me in the red department. They’re both longgggg lasting and non drying. And blue-reds are the only reds I would wear. 

When I got to know about Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks (complete with a video link of the swatches sent to me by Lin), i was all ears and eyes for them. 😁  

I’ve tried NYX’s liquid lipsticks but they left a ‘dusty’ feeling on my lips and they were too drying for me. Sometimes my lips crack, but I didn’t need things to make it worse. I just try to use a lot of lipbalm all the other times my lips are bare. And this (from Shar, which I’ve been using!)


I decided to get my hands on some Kat von D liquid lipsticks and I think I’ve got a bit of an addiction now. It’s not that bad yet though 😁

Out of the 28 shades they have out there, I’ve only got 5 of them. And I really only want some of them (LOL) I know it sounds borderline annoying but I really like them. 

I like that they are lasting. They are not as drying. Instead of that dusty feeling, I get a ‘leather’ feeling instead. I also only need to apply a little bit and it’s pretty opaque on the first swipe. But I do have little issues with some of them because they oxidize on my lips so they end up a little darker than what they look like a few hours after putting them on. And eating food with oil, which is most food I eat, tends to dissolve and fade the middle bit faster. Well, doesn’t matter because I still love them! This is why I don’t write reviews lol, I’m so bad at them. 


I have Lovesick, Underage Red, Double Dare, Bow n Arrow and Lolita.. For now.

I’ve already helped to spread this love to my other girlfriend Elaine because she is just as hooked as I am πŸ˜‚ and I always reach out to Lin who is my make up and skincare adviser nowadays because I have 1001 questions and she’s always up to try anything. HAHA but I think her lipstick problem is worse than mine. 

That’s that. 


5 thoughts on “I hereby pledge my loyalty

  1. woooo .. looks good babe .so creamy the lippies . i’m currently hooked on colourpop ultra matte . will give it a try these kat von d babies. i only have her contour kit .hahahah

    1. How are the Colorpops? My friends who used it complained that it was ashy and flaky. 😦 I say once u try KvD’s u won’t go back 😁 I love them so much!

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