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#shonilyas got engaged!


We got engaged on the 21st of February (and I finally got around to blogging about it 😁)

Thank God everything went smoothly. Although some of us got caught in the lift for the longest 20minutes of our lives. 


I have to give special thanks to (in no particular order πŸ€—)

Adilin for the beautiful cake. And my favourite cupcakes. And for almost popping a blood vessel for this event. Thanks for all the trouble we had to go through worrying about the cake box and flavours and all the other engagement related nonsense. Fary for taking photos for this event and giving me direction on how to be less awkward in my already awkward body. I appreciate you girls being there and helping out in whatever way you guys can. My nastygals 😍

Fleursbyspoleczny (Yati) for the hand bouquet, gift trays and Bunga rampai. I loved them all! I remember going kain shopping with her to find the right colours and we both decided on this blue shade. I love everything about the trays because they are so classy and clean. Again I have zero art direction so you can imagine the many times I had to tell her one thing and another but thank you for being patient with me 😁 but thank God she knows the fickle me and probably already expected this of me. HAHA also thanks to Fiq for coming because God knows how hard is it to get him on the weekends. -bows 3 times-

To my aunts for contributing to 2 trays. 😁 all my gifts trays had food stuff basically except for the watch which was a match for my ring. I’m not sure about rings because we both have lost rings in this relationship so here’s to keeping my ring safe and sound. ✌🏼✌🏼

My dad for organising the event at his place and my aunt (I have many aunts) for providing the catering which was so delicious because my friends loved it so much. My mom for being my voice of reason although I’m a ficklef* fickle AF, my Sister for fussing over me. Lol

My girls: Cindy, Shar, Elaine and Vic for coming with your partners. I’m so happy you guys made it and I will forever cherish our friendship that goes way beyond. I promise I won’t make my Malay wedding any more confusing than it already is.

My family members from both my dad and moms side for coming πŸ™‚

These are the trays from b’s side. (Photo from B’s Sister’s Facebook) these trays are so solid I underestimated their weight. So pretty 😍

I love this combination of traditional and modern Bunga rampai. 

I got the cake topper from Kcottagestudio and I got it in a wood finish. It’s a bit harder to maintain but it looks amazing. And the stamps are from StickerliciousSG .. After a whole lot of emails back and forth because again, fickleAF. I’m impressed with their patience because I was such a pain. But everything was amazing amazing!! And yes I will be reusing them for the wedding 😁

I did my own make up (not much to comment lol) and impromptu hair was done by Yati. My dress was made by my own tailor but I guess I wasn’t aware how stiff this sari cloth was going to be. Basically I felt more comfortable like this 

I guess it’s time to push on and decide on wedding stuff and try to keep my blood pressure down. 


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