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Singapore Airshow 2016 (and the aesthetic consequences)

This past Tuesday, I went to the SG Airshow with my colleagues 🙂 we got the trade passes courtesy of our company and fortunately we managed to go on our day off. Any other day I wouldn’t bother to be honest but I really enjoyed myself the last Airshow in 2014 so I decided to peel myself off my bed at 08h30 after a PM shift, you know what time I sleep everyday right (I snoozed for 30mins heh)

So we met for breakfast at the airport and then cabbed into the Exhibition Centre just in time for the aerial display which is probably everyone’s favourite part of the Airshow. The Black Eagles are always impressive! And I guess we were all pretty disappointed there wasn’t a show by our own Black Knights. 


the Black Eagles in the DIAMOND FormaTION (its funnier when i say it) LOL
My colleagues 😬

After about an hour of the display and probably a rush at work for my colleagues working the airspace closure, we walked over to the static display. That’s where I got my sunburn on my shoulders, and the SPF on my face started to wear out and I felt really uncomfortable. Yes I forgot to wear sunblock on my shoulders HAHA



I was also really sad that the only souvenir I got was a Golf tee. I was not being gracious about it I think but I did ask nicely if I could take one. I think I’ll give it to B’s Father as he is the only one I know who plays Golf, almost every weekend.. It could be his lucky tee. HEH

I tried finding the booths I wanted to really see (PARK.. My dearest) but I didn’t get to and we were all tired and dying from the heat by 3pm. Only 3hours and we were all tapping out. Cabbed back to the airport to eat and headed back to rest and prepare myself for the morning the next day.

Now the ugly part of this day was my painful sunburn. I didn’t have any Aloe Vera so my mom told me to use honey! I can trust my mom for these solutions because she’s so into these natural healers 😂😂

I’m also a sucker for new stuff. I think all my friends know that and I always get into trouble when I tell them I’m trying a new product. I’m also up for natural beauty products too! Remember the No Poo, the ACV and the egg on my hair? I’ve tried the lemon sugar scrubbing, coconut oil and right now I’m on the honey mask. For my shoulder and my face. 


I put some organic Manuka Honey (my favourite type of honey!) and left it to sit on my face and my burns for about 2hours and then I went to wash it off. I’d say the pain is much less but the redness is still there. It’s day 3 now and I think I’m going to peel very soon which is pretty timely. 😁

A bientot!


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