#shonilyas · 2016 · Health and Beauty · Wedding stuff

Regime set in stone. 

I will go for my monthly hair treatments from now on. I’ll try my best not to colour my hair anymore until maybe a really shiok color comes along. I’m a sucker for hair coloring. But mostly no bleaching. 

I will set my facial routine. Cleanser>toner>treatment>eye/lip treatment>moisturiser. (I think I’ve blogged about this but I might change it up yet again) Also mask my face at least one a week, go for my facials monthly. Not to touch my eyebrows so much because I think they’ve stopped growing 😳
I will go for my dental appointments and probably should whiten my teeth

I will run more often. And I will try to be more conscious about what I eat. I need to lose about 5kg. Soon. 

I will also try my clothes before buying them (Ha ha ha) and I will not buy clothes just because it’s on sale or the only piece left in my size. It’s time to start dressing my age 😂

I should try pedicure.. Or not. I have never been because I hate having someone else fuss over my toenails. 

Enjoy my massages, wax sessions and cut my goddamn coffee addiction. Ok, limit myself to one cup a day 

Also I think this is my post proper in the year. What a start it was for me. Slow at first but it’s picking up a little faster now. I hope I don’t go crazy and pluck people’s head off. Of course I’m only kidding. 😂


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