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Yup, I love December 

We just celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday and I’m so happy! Our friends and I planned a not so secret gathering on Saturday and thank goodness everything  went well. I had a quiet dinner with him on Sunday too 🙂 The good thing about having a December birthday is that it’s a good time to meet everyone to end the year and celebrate the festivities. The downside though is to have the whole world celebrating with you everywhere you go. It isn’t too bad. I still love December for the celebrations I will have for the rest of my life. LOL.

The birthday weekend started on Christmas Day. I slept in because I was so tired from the usual morning shifts. I’m still not a morning person it seems, even after 2 years of rotating shifts. But I had to wake up eventually because b’s family were coming over to ‘masuk meminang’ or.. To formally ask for my hand.

I have little recollection of that evening because I was busy preparing food for the guests and packing them too. I was wearing my moms jubah (Lol), I didn’t even draw on my eyebrows or put on any concealor. I half regret not doing them but the older I get the more bo chup I’m becoming. The only photo that was taken was of my Mom and his Mom 😂 

I guess this is the beginning. I enjoy reading btb blogs but I don’t think I can make myself sound any more boring than I already am so I hope I can stay away from showing the world what a princess bridezilla I will become too. 

So I woke up eventually to pick up chicken rice that we ordered from the shop downstairs. It’s so yummy and we got a bit of discount for the bulk (??) order so it was even more delicious lol. I actually am quite happy I didn’t have to be awkward about it and stuff. Alhamdulillah, we will take the next step even though they are baby ones and we will take it the way our parents will be happy with. I have decided that I should make it less painful for myself to just let the parents decide on what to do with the events. I’m very fickle too so I guess this makes it easier for everyone, right?  

The next day I woke up at 06h30 to go for breakfast with the guys at Alif and to head to the zoo like little kids do. I’m amazed with myself too, considering all the physical labour my mom put me through the night before. 

The zoo is still as fun as I remembered it to be and I think the last time i went was… 8 years ago? The shows are good but I think deep down inside me I’d rather not have to see animals in captivity, unless of course it’s for their own good. 😊

We headed to Causeway Point to get our food supply for the steamboat after that and lets just say for 26/27 year olds we still act like children. We are the same ones at the corner of your home over Hari Raya visiting playing with our phones and verbally abusing each other while there are people younger than us tending to their babies on the other side. I’m sorry guys, obviously I’m not ready for children. I try to console myself by saying we win some and lose some in life. So that’s how we were in the supermarket, like children. I’m happy no one in my family has asked those questions too. Maybe I still look 21 🤗🤗🤗

It was a joint celebration for b and Jd so we had the yummiest cupcakes by Lin. It was so amazing we were all silent for a moment and then moaning the next from the in-mouth cupcake party. (Again, we are the children). Also CWP’s Cold Storage has the best halal meat collection. We bought some pre marinated lamb and chicken and then to NTUC to get the other stuff. Just an afterthought: I think we should get less hot dogs and more cheese tofu next time.

These are my #nonewfriends. 

Sunday saw us sleeping in and heading out to buy his present (😁😁😁 lucky me got one too!). The plan is to combine it as an anniversary-birthday-engagement gift so thank God for an understanding boyfriend and thank God I’m not the Boyfriend in this relationship. Girls…

Dinner was at Equinox which was amazing because of the view the window table gave us from the 70th floor. 2 years ago I brought him to dine in a cable car which was great too but I think it was a lil rushed. This time around we spent close to 3hours, talking in between courses. Everything was perfect 😍 I could’ve proposed to him actually HAHA I’m only kidding. 

I love everything about this past weekend and I love you:)

Until my next post where I reflect my year like everyone will be doing 😂😂😂


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