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KL chronologically








10 thought on this trip 

  1. I forgot that taking a bus means your travelling time can go from anywhere between 6hours to 8hours
  2. I love eating no matter what (see point 8)
  3. WOLO’s breakfast should include more items from Tous Les Jours
  4. TLJ’s garlic bread was so damn good 
  5. I almost cried thinking about blind people in Nox because our waiter will never know how it is to be hooked onto the phone during dinnertime
  6. And how to appreciate and talk to my company over dinner instead of using my phone
  7. Kiehls KL packs a better deal than Kiehls SG
  8. We can eat – case in point Boat noodles (26 bowls(?), 6 side dishes and a rice dish)
  9. I will never ever bowl with long nails again
  10. Khai and Adilin are great travelling kakis 

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