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7 year itch

The itch to get married apparently πŸ™Š

We’ve talked about it a million times, and settled for an apartment when we both were sure we were on the same page, 2 years ago. I know it takes away the surprise of a proposal but I see it as a surprise too, in another form: the “when” and the “how”, if you like. It was like a mini proposal I guess HAHA


Nothing feels quite like the nerves of getting proposed to and accepting it. I felt nervous actually. I bet he did too lol. The obvious answer is a yes but I guess he was worried about how he should do it and how I would like the ring. 😁 I was shocked that he had the ring for awhile before deciding on the right time to propose. He said he wanted to do it on Deepavali because it was our monthsary too but I was working. 


We went to Blue Bali for dinner and it was my 3rd time there because he loves it that much. We celebrated our 6th anniversary last year there too and it did feel like we were in Bali–which made it even more special. We had our own hut decorated (which I thought was just an anniversary special) with rose petals and hanging flower things. The staff are still as attentive and helpful as ever. I also didn’t know this then but he sneakily went there prior to the event to get to know how it was going to be done. 


He proposed when the desserts came, along with a cake with a “will you marry me?” written with chocolate sauce.  HAHA. Cute clichΓ©. I didn’t see the ring box coming though because in my mind it was a cake with “happy anniversary” like the previous year’s. Usual Syaza reaction to gift receiving– the blank face which I need to apologize for.  The “oh my god”-s came a second later and no he didn’t have to go on one knee. I don’t care for all these things to be honest. (Also because we were seated on our butts) But I appreciate his efforts on trying to be more romantic. I’m sure I’ve said it somewhere before that I’m not hard to please. 


I guess what’s more difficult than asking me is asking my mom and dad for my hand. I’m glad he did it face to face and not through the phone or texting them. Although I always thought that was sufficient for me, and that a romantic  private proposal was a bonus for me. No flash mobs, no crowds, no one please. πŸ˜‚

He got my ring customized and I thought that was amazing. He must’ve thought it through long and hard before deciding on what’s right for me. I won’t go into the boring details but it’s a pretty solid emerald cut diamond — he thinks it suits me really well. I did read up on this particular cut after that because it’s so underrated and I’m pretty pleased 😬 I’m definitely not a solitaire girl and thankfully he knows me enough to know that. He doesn’t have to make grand gestures of love, because for me the little details mean a lot. Also I think he should be thankful to me for that. 

I will have to say bye to the ring for a while because we will be going on to discuss engagement matters with the family. 


It’s been quite a journey for us the past 7 years. We started out as good friends and I could talk to him about anything really. The start of our relationship was tough because I was going away on exchange and at that time, mobile data wasn’t so popular yet  πŸ˜© we haven’t discovered WhatsApp and the only wifi I could get was in the library which wasn’t a 24h thing (or I might have lived in there). You would think a country like France was so tech affluent right– not quite really. Coming home was tough too because we had to adjust. Again, when I started flying and then once more when I stopped flying. I’m thankful we adjusted well with each other. My bfs quite the itchy traveler too when he decided to go away for school but we were savvier then. I’m glad to have him see the world with me, and see me all the way through my 20s. I’m glad he was there through most of my “growing up” years and life milestones. I’m glad we are in sync of each other’s quirks and habits and humour. I’m glad I could talk to him about my problems and he would be the calm person that he always have been, sometimes too calm it annoys me.

As much as I hate changes I know they are inevitable. I always rebelled against it when I hear people say “oh when you marry things change” and they make it sound like a bad thing. I hope things don’t change for the worse. We’ll take it one day at a time like we always have. 

Thank You God for this, I pray this is it for me. 


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