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5 5 5

5 things on my wish list right now

  1. A pair of Vans Slip on sneakers cuz my current one has served me for almost 2 years and its Super comfortable but it’s very worn and dated. it’s the anti fatigue gel I’m crazy about. 
  2. A bottle of perfume. Haven’t really hunted for a new fragrance. Probably not another Jo Malone cuz after a while the scent doesn’t stick as well as I like it to. It’s still one of my favourites
  3. An eyeshadow palette. Or the Tattoo liner by Kat von D. 
  4. New wardrobe. Or specifically 5 new tops and dresses and maybe 5 bottoms. 😂😂  I haven’t bought any new clothes for almost 6 months? That’s how committed I am it seems. (Lingerie. Does. Not. Count.) 
  5. A new watch. Although I have 3 now, all acquired by me through my flying days (that’s exactly when I started wearing a watch to be honest.) doesn’t need to be fancy, really. 

5 things/places I wanna eat (at)

  1. A good steak. I don’t mind Le Steak, it hasn’t failed me the 2 times I went. I’d also try the Royals too. 
  2. Nox- dining in the dark (SOON!!!)
  3. A good Japanese place. For the love of God it’s so hard to find a halal one in Singapore (please do not suggest ramen ten. Lol.) Although I think the ramen stall is not too bad. People who diss the Ramen stall, where else did you guys try ‘nicer’ and ramen to compare it with? maybe their Chef was off la when u all tried. And there’s Gion which I haven’t tried. Please recommend friends!
  4. Mexican food — hopefully I’ll go back to Chilli’s in KL, soon too
  5. Christmas turkey, or ham (halal please cuz I’m girl-reform 😂😂😂 kidding!) because it’s the time of the year!

5 things I should do

  1. My hair probably needs a new color but I’m trying to grow out as much natural hair possible
  2. Still lose 5-6kg (I’ve lost 2kg since I started juicing 🎉🎉)
  3. Go for my Quran classes because duh right so old already still haven’t finish 😓😓😓 technically I have to call my ustazah to come over. 
  4. Stop being so bitchy (although sometimes my friends tell me it’s my personality to be bitchy I should try to only be one for the fun of it la)
  5. Try to forgive people who have done me and my loved ones wrong; this is the hardest because I can’t find it in me yet to forgive and forget some people. 

4 thoughts on “5 5 5

    1. That time we had I found that the steak was overdone. Maybe they forgot and left it on the stove too long. 😦 faster open your Mexican resto 😬😬😬

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