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After April, December is my second favourite month. Every December, I celebrate my anniv with my bf and his birthday  🙂 and YES i subscribe to the idea that his present can be a 2 in 1. HAHA. The problem is I lack the creativity and imagination to get him gifts. I need a whole month to think. 

This month its also the time to reflect on what I’ve done and achieve so that I can, yet again, do up my to do list. 

We’ve done a great deal this year; the biggest achievement for me this year is probably my Drivers Licence.. Travel wise, I’m glad I did the caravan holiday and see amazing things that people don’t normally go for. I’ve also started reading and currently on my 4th book (out of 100 LOL). I also attended financial talks and started small time investing, although I know this years not been very kind and hopefully next year I can go on to bigger things, like NOT getting a car 😂

I’m sure my boyfriend has done a great deal with his life too. Scoring a job with Keppel Shipyard, finally ending his academic career on a good note, and buying a bike that is really perfect for him. 

I also think I’ve settled into this job and it’s been 2 official years since I started. Time flies, like crazy. But that also means, it’s also time to start looking into the next step. I’m happy with my journey so far 🙂 

Do I miss my old job?

Yes and no. I do miss the firsts. When I first got a US flight. It was the first time I fly halfway across the world. When I first landed in Moscow, because I waited until almost the end of my flying life to get there. The firsts were always a good feeling. I love the alone time in many good hotels and free gym sessions. I enjoy and miss the food I get to try everywhere. I miss the friends I flew with. I’ll be lying if I miss the shopping and the fact that I never thought twice before buying sometimes. 

I don’t miss the feeling I get when I leave home and everyone’s still asleep or leaving my Boyfriend and family at the airport when they send me to work. I don’t miss meeting nasty/shallow/rude people (yes crew can be rude too) I don’t miss the regimental lifestyle of being a crew, a certain shade of red on my nails and lips you get the drift. I hope this is going to be the last time I write in details about my flying life because you know, it’s time to move on. 

I’m happy picking up the pieces and actually being where I am right now. My mom, at 54, is on a month long trip in Morocco and Spain. And it’s so inspiring how anyone, even at that age can go and see the world. We should see the world and see what God has created for us. I believe in that so much and thank God,my travel soulmate is really my Boyfriend. 

I’m glad I have someone and I have friends who think like me I’m happy that I can engage in meaningful conversations and most importantly bitch with my girl friends. 

I learnt that there is no need to impress anyone. I know what I’ve done and achieved for myself in life and I don’t measure that by material, I don’t need to show all the angles of my life on social media. I’ll leave that to the kids. I’m not saying it’s wrong for anyone to share their happiness, I mean go ahead and do it, it’s your happiness and I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way by the way. But don’t turn sour when someone else has better things or a better life than you do and the things you post about have no meaning anymore. Are you also sure the people who view your photos wish you well in life as well? 😁

How, am I Kakak-kakak  enough or what?! 😂😂😂


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