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The great migration back to the big K

I love experimenting with skin care and make up and I usually end up with a few mascaras, tonnes of lipsticks and 2 different cleansers and moisturisers. I don’t really know what went on with my skin the past few months because it hasn’t been very receptive to the new skin care I was trying. This problem started out in late July/early August. My forehead was breaking out with oil seeds 😦 from having oily skin everyday, my skin became dehydrated and definitely wasn’t as oily anymore. (Because the Kiehl’s counter girl put me through a skin test) and worst of all, my skin felt tight every single day. I suspected it was the biotin I was taking (hair, skin and nails but not GNC’s), the lack of moisture in my lotions, hormonal changes, or the haze. It could also be caused by my lack of discipline to go for facial. My last appt was before raya! Or a combo of everything. 

In another note I’ve taken a break from threading my brows which was also last done just before Raya, because after years and years of threading and plucking monthly,  my brows have stopped growing. I’m not kidding 😦 I’m probably going to keep them for another 2 months and keep my threading to the minimum. Or I might just stop altogether if they don’t grow out of shape anymore. 

My first serious skincare brand was Kiehl’s and right now, I’m slowly going to change all of my facial products back to Kiehl’s. I found my favourites in Laneige (water bank series only) 

I can’t change them all in one shot because I want to try out the new products. This is what I love about Kiehl’s; you buy what you are used to and they will offer you samples of anything you wanna try. Also, super useful for travelling.  

So on the F1 weekend in September, I was walking around Raffles City and Robinsons had a sale. I’m hoping I can finish my old Laneige white plus and my Sukin by December so I could get the Ultra facial oil free moisturizer which was what I used years ago. And it didn’t cause me problems, even while I was exposed to dry cold air half the time. I got myself the Calendula facial cleanser and the toner. I’ve used the toner before and it was a dream!

I really love the Magnolia flower bits although I don’t think they are of any use. Haha. Smells a lil like chrysanthemum. The cleanser is a lot more pricier than the Ultra facial cleanser that I still have. And struggling to finish. Lol

 I also got my usual tube of blemish treatment (sometimes I use it on my whole face) and left with a lot of samples! I feel like getting them all to complete my skin care regime. 
I should get myself the Midnight recovery oil which I found to be more effective than my EstΓ©e Lauder’s overnight treatment. At one point, I don’t know which was better but I have used the oil before to the point that there wasn’t any other improvement. It could be that I needed a break from it. I’ll also get the Midnight recovery eye. Truth is I don’t think my eyes need a lot of anti Ageing yet, I just have horrid dark circles 😦

There was a new serum given to me that’s supposed to work like the midnight recovery but it’s for day use. Sounds good but I’ve yet to open the sample. It looks promising and the reviews so far are great. But I really have to try it for myself I guess. 


I also love the rare earth clay mask that was given to me. Because I’m very prone to have clogged pores, I feel like my face is a lot cleaner after using it. It’s actually better than the Bliss mask that I’m currently using too. Overall I think stopping use of foundation when I go out all the time and thoroughly cleaning my make up before I wash my face really helped to improve my skin condition.  Nowadays I use my Laneige bb cushion, some undereye concealor and some powder. That’s all. I do enjoy going all out to make up but I don’t find it necessary to do it as often anymore. At this point I look back at my teenage years trying to look older and all and right now, I just want to look bare faced and young. πŸ˜‚

That’s pretty complete right?

1. Cleanser – Calendula cleanser

2. Toner – Calendula toner

3. Treatment – daily blemish cream. I also don’t think I need other treatments (whitening, anti Ageing etc) at this moment

4. Moisturizer – to buy Ultra Facial oil free gel cream or the Ultra moisturizer in the bottle 

5. Mask – to buy Rare Earth pore cleansing mask

6. Eye – to buy midnight recovery for eye and the one for dark circles 

7. Others – to buy midnight recovery oil for frequent use

8. What I’d love to try — Clearly Corrective Treatment, Reviving treatment, Microblur skin perfector

B, this is a good time if you’re wondering what to get me for our monthsary or anniversary in December πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


2 thoughts on “The great migration back to the big K

  1. Bons don’t waste your money on the midnight recovery oil, it’s okay je! You should try clarins lotus oil, it’s really good. Oh and the kiehl’s corrective treatment serum thingy also not bad – it definitely helps scars clear up a lot faster

    1. I used the midnight recovery sample recently and it cleared up my face! Last time I used before but after awhile no effect. Ok I’ll try to bear tt in mind!

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