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I think I’m slowly adjusting to life with an office-hour bf. I admit sometimes it’s tricky and sometimes, I get on his nerves but this is already a part of our relationship it seems. Our whole relationship has been about adjusting and adapting. We did it pretty well when I was on exchange, when I started flying, then when I quit flying, when he worked evenings at night safari and giving tuition, when I started shift work and finally now when he has settled in to his new job– comes with office hours and some Saturdays. I’m sure we will get by this new change quickly too, hopefully. 

As part of this adjustment plan, we meet often on weekday evenings and on Saturdays or sundays where I have an off day. AND we will plan something. So far it hasn’t been hard to plan these dates. There are so many things I’m sure we haven’t done or places we haven’t visited (or… there are always movies to be watched and weddings to attend). 

Sunday’s was a pretty special date too. It saw us having briyani for brunch heh. Tanglin Halt’s Peking Room serves really really good briyani (even their Prata made it to one of those foodie lists for being the best few pratas in Singapore). We had chicken briyani but I think I will be trying the Sambal Fish soon. It’s light, really not oily or too dry and it’s near my place. ๐Ÿ˜ B’s Favourite is still Islamic’s prawn briyani. I wouldn’t mind it too except that it’s not $4.50 and a 5 minute walk away. Ha ha I’m becoming an Aunty. 


We were then on our way to Johor Premium Outlet with zero intention to shop. But still he fixed the side panniers to the bike. We went a month ago and left with pants and shoes for him because they were going at a good deal. It was a really really good deal. (70% off or something like that) Today, I left with a top and a pair of slippers because he was feeling generous. I think I may go back when I’m in need of new shoes or toiletries because there is Bath and body works! or clothes!

The highlight was the cafe we visited for dinner.. Sea & Saw at 6 Jalan Skudai. They call themselves Gardeners and Furniture designers too and are associated with the Roost cafe family. It’s really not that difficult to find if you know where Danga Bay is. 

I don’t know if their neighbours (a bridal studio) are involved in the whole aquaponics thing but we saw this after parking 


It’s so pretty. I never thought much about fishes and bath tubs until I saw this. 

I didn’t manage to take any photos in the toilet but it has the same aquaponics concept except, the bath tub was against a big feature wall with plants growing on it. And their furnitures are really nice too, the exact shade of wood and black metal that b likes. 

We had our coffee then went inside to have dinner which was truffle fries, squid ink seafood pasta and beef burger with charcoal buns. Basically we had blackened food for mains la LOL. 


I found the menu very straightforward and interesting that they had cold pressed juices that I never knew were popular (I’ll try it next time) and it’s not that hard to make a choice. I’m really happy with the prices because back here, we pay a lot for ok food with ok ambience and ok service. I’ll be honest.. Of all cafes I went to here I think I’ve only enjoyed myself thoroughly in Lab, PS and Royz et Vous. I think the food, service and ambience were proportionately great. I’m open to suggestions but my bf and I aren’t really cafe hoppers to began with. We would really enjoy eating at Hjh Mariam or Maraj (??) anytime. Coffeeshop over coffeehouse.  Plus I won’t even be bothered to write a review la because… Who am I to give advice on what/how/where you eat really ? Lol. I’m too old to pretend to be one of those popular bloggers right ๐Ÿ˜

So anyway here’s what we ate; for the sake of my blog’s lack of proper and less angry posts 


This is really one solid burger. Everything from the bread, the patty and the sauce was yummy. That sauce is really just mushroom sauce but it just made the burger look pretty cool.  Speaking of burgers in JB, the Burger Bakar at Bpoint is my favourite ๐Ÿ™‚ reminds me so much of Shake Shack because of the mushroom patty. 

Because I started juicing recently, I try not to shock myself with food, but on weekends I really let myself go. I still do eat my normal meals, normally, because I’m not that hardcore with this. I try to replace one meal per day for 3-4 days each week. I might increase it to all lunches or breakfasts but I really just want to take my time to ease into it. I’ll probably blog about this juicing journey another time. LOL. I have a tonne of things to talk about as usual and a million photos to upload but I go where the winds take me and stay still when my lazy bone aches. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Til then mes amis ๐Ÿ™‚


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