Je suis fâché

For many months now I have been rather quiet about this problem I have. I have a big problem with you not just because I have a friend I care about. It’s really because it goes against every grain of my existence. I hope you read this and I hope you guys get the f out of our lives for good. I really cannot stand another sight of the two of you or another possibility of my bf spending time with you two. 

Don’t pretend this has been such a beautiful journey because you left her for another girl. How is that beautiful? I respected you as my bf’s friend and I cared for you but you chose to say you “don’t feel guilty meeting another girl when you’re supposed to”. Among other things I don’t wish to elaborate on because the more I think it the more I think you’re sick. And a coward for not admitting the shit you’ve created. And the people you fool. 

You made my bf confused… because of the mental person that you are. You twisted him like you twisted everyone else. You think you’re losing your friends. you’re losing your friends because of your stupidity.  Please just get the f out of our lives. 

In the same f year you proposed to your current gf. Wow same year. Within the same 12 months you got yourselves a flat. Yes because it was a sign from God that your previous bto application failed. (F you for thinking that too) In a matter of months you claim to have found the love of your life? Jodoh?

Yesterday I got to know my Boyfriend was asked to be your groomsman. So what do you take him for exactly. When you were having problems you chose to follow the itch of your crotch than to seek the support of your friends. And then you expect everyone to agree and accept the devastation that you caused? I’m not going to stand by this because I don’t agree with you.  

I don’t agree that you lied about the reason why you broke up with my friend, I don’t agree that you kept it all from your so called Best Friends about your doings, I don’t agree with your sickening faces telling us you guys have had a Long and fruitful journey when the very foundation of your relationship is truly f up. 

I’m not sorry. You know where to get me. 


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