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Pick up where I left off

so obviously I’ve been trying to have some fun with my life. 

Work’s been the same but this month’s pretty special because, at the end of September, it’s the first anniversary of my career as a rated (licensed, comme tu veux) controller. I haven’t actually watched Pushing Tin but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be so familiar with it because I’m really not the controller people think about when you say ATC. 

I had this question thrown at me by so many people. I don’t work in the control tower. Nor do I work at Changi airport. My workplace is a cushy room up in a hill along Loyang Avenue. I admit sometimes it’s a bitch to travel to but I’ve grown to enjoy the journey to work and getting to buy coffee or bubble tea before my shift starts. Simple things like having Kopitiam coffee or breakfast with my colleagues, makes me happy too. I’m easy to please right? Well if anyone’s interested, please join me. It’s a great job 🙂 

Life at home and in love hasn’t changed much either except that we are finally talking about settling down. Cloudy plans still but I’m sure we can work something out. I’m Miss Procrastinator and everytime I see an update on our bto, I tell myself it’s ok, we have time. I know this is so unromantic but I think my mr billy is rather excited about it… Which is enough for me. I don’t need the romance and big gestures. Only because I cannot reciprocate with a similarly big, thankful reaction. Truthfully I don’t know how to react to surprises. It’s just my face, I have this pretty nonchalant face that shows 2 emotions– tired or sleepy. 

The 2 times he surprised me were by telling me he knew he would marry me (how confident) when I was in Grenoble sobbing because I was away when our relationship was at an infantile stage. Of course when you’re so new in love you’d say such things, and the second time, he called me in Sydney to tell me about the bto launch. I’m sure I’ve blogged about that. 

My mom has been working a lot. A LOT. I hardly see her at home. She’s a freelance trainer so I guess she’s working really hard, training people from 8-8 almost everyday because she’s out of job in December to go on a trip to Morocco and Spain. I’m happy for her because she’s the strongest woman I know. 🙂

I’ve been reading too. (Read: 100 book challenge) my first titles are 1984 by George Orwell and Life after Life by Kate Atkinson. I’m full of inertia because I’m taking forever to finish them. And once I’m done I will make full use of my Kindle. Thanks b, for reading my blog. 😁😁😁 you are the sneaky beans. 

I also need a holiday but I’m left with 6 days of leave this year HAHA. I guess next year I really gotta step up on my leave management. I’m sure it will be harder to take leave because the holiday season is starting. It’s fine I don’t enjoy holidaying in the peak seasons anyway. The whole Singapore will be on holiday. Let me enjoy the off peak travelling before I have kids la. Guess I have to make do with Aramsa and jb trips for now.  

The haze has been hard on me. Ok not that hard but I do have an irritated throat and my eyes are crusty. What’s worse — we bought F1 tickets but I’m not sure how we will enjoy it now with the haze and the rain. We did go for a behind-the-scenes tour last week and we are going for the Pit Lane tour tomorrow before the actual weekend! 


 Lol this was last year’s podium 


We had FOOD!  
This is probably the highlight of the month since I last wrote. I’ll probably put up another post on my F1 experience since it’s our first time. Or not, because I’m random and lazy HEH.
The worst thing about this past month is fully realising that I need to lose weight. I’m at my fattest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m not even exaggerating. I know my metabolism has slowed down by a lot because I’m not 18 anymore. And not flying for the past 2 years (already) so I don’t need to bother fitting into a torture device of my girdle anymore, which worked for me. I ate junk back then but I guess walking to Sydney (or Mumbai or HKG) and back pushing a tonne of food in a cart helped me maintain my weight back then. (Also thanks to the free gym visits on my layovers) Pushing tins don’t really help now HAHA. Im trying to make small changes first with my diet and maybe, HOPEFULLY I’ll go on to exercising more. I’ve managed to exercise once a week but obviously this isn’t enough. 😭😭😭😭😭

To bruise my heart even more I will put up this picture to remind myself of my old skinnier self




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