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#30by30 100 book challenge 

As usual a forward from me,

When I was little, up til the time I started working, I loved reading and I read extensively. I believe in it; that reading is important for the young. It helps us develop a good range of vocabulary and better our grammar and speech. 

My late grandma’s home where I grew up in had a messy bookshelf with many children’s classics, local writers and Shakespeare. I was exposed to my parents love for reading too because I always saw my mom’s Grisham novels everywhere (so typical). It’s not that we were step intellectuals 😁😁, or know it alls but we had a good balanced taste in the arts I guess. (I don’t draw, paint or take nice photos la)

I did not take literature in secondary school because it wasn’t offered and it made me nervous when I took it for my A levels. I realised that reading is one thing but analysing the things I read is a different ballgame. I wasn’t that good in it to begin with and I struggled to learn how to criticise practically.  

Of course what I did was just the tip of the iceberg. I did not continue to do literature in Uni although I loved it. In fact, what the hell did I do in Uni? I only remember having too much fun in France for a semester and then taking a year off school to start flying. My mom almost disown me guys. 😁 I did stupid things. 

I also stopped reading because I was getting busy but often I find myself just bored. Bored with nothing to do. So I decided that from now until I’m 30, I will read 100 books! I built this list with reference to Modern library, Amazon and Amazon list challenges.

I’m pretty tempted to get a kindle but I don’t think it’s necessary as I have the Kobo reading app (just as good I think!). But I don’t think I’ll be buying 100 books, so to the library I should go~~~

Wish me luck guys! Don’t expect book reviews lol, I’ll do my best to summarize them. I hope I can finish this by 30. 


3 thoughts on “#30by30 100 book challenge 

  1. last i check kindle is having an offer at q100 babe . haha . i love books too , keep buying till the pages turn brownish . so sayang especially my jodi picoult collections . Anyway good luck babe ! BOOKWORM all the way . heh

    1. Hahah really? I would love to get my hands on a kindle. I don’t mind books but I have no space for all the books. 🙂

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