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Hard to be a girl

This is probably a really useless update on my beauty regime. I like taking notes to remind myself which products and treatment work. 

I’ve been loyal to my beautician for the past 5 years. Back then I started out with monthly visits because I wore thick make up for hours and my pores clog extremely easily. it is so sensitive too 😦 Also the hairspraying sometimes stray into my face (especially the hairline above the forehead) and makes it worse! 

For the past year at least I’ve been going less. Only because my skin is less prone to breaking out and I use less make up for longer. I go once every 3 months now and the extraction stage has also become shorter. Thank God. I hate extraction but I need it. I also go to her for IPL because it’s cheaper than Strip (although I have tried Brazilian waxing there and it was a pretty good experience) or any other hair removal salons I should think. 

There has been an update to the machines she use now. She has changed her IPL machine. (Also for facial). It is amazing because I didn’t know you can use IPL (but of course a different programme) for facial! I try not to ask her to do my eyebrows anymore because monthly touch ups to my brows in the past has slowed down their growth already. I also prefer the look and shape of my brows after threading so I go to browhaus for that now, once in 3 months (thank you Lin!)

I’ve changed some of my skincare in a bid to be more natural after my whole no poo episode last year. But if there’s one thing I learnt from that, going natural requires you to have Virgin hair. Totally non chemically treated hair. But anyways,

These are the 3 products that I bought from Watson’s at Takashimaya. I realised that not all Watsons carry Sukin products just the bigger ones. 

I like the cleanser because it doesn’t leave a dry feeling after i rinse it out. It’s pretty mild so it doesn’t remove all my make up. I use this for morning washes. At night I stick to my Laneige multi cleanser because it’s amazing although it’s not so natural.. I wear spf daily and some make up so I need a more thorough cleanser to remove those stuff. 

The toner is a spray on type so I think it’s really convenient. Dries pretty quickly. Again I use this in the day only. At night I use my Lancome whitening toner because I’m vain like that.
If you ask me which brand has the best whitening range? I’d say Lancome because I’m biased. I’ve had a good share of Lancome products while I was working there so I trust this with my life. Only thing is, it’s really expensive. So I still to my Laneige range because it is the second most effective skincare for me 🙂

I also apply Sukin moisturiser in the day and at night my Laneige whitening cream and I also have the whitening serum. I don’t know if it’s effective because I mix my skin care a lot. I know very well that whitening products don’t actually whiten you (girls pay attention!) it just prevents dark spots and lightens to some extent some of the sun spots and discolouration you may have due to the sun. And maybe maintain your skin colour. They do not whiten your skin 

My ultimate favourite product since I got it last year is this

I’ve tried Kiehls midnight recovery oil and I think that’s good too but this is amazing! Maybe because I’ve passed 25 and it’s an investment I’m willing to make to keep my skin young. lololol. 

You know what’s the most important right? I sound like a broken record because I remind people of this a lot. Even my bf with hopes that he will listen to me.
One of my friends have gotten her hands on the new Lancome Uv expert that’s fully water based. I can’t wait to try that out because I hate oily sunblocks. But this one however is pretty good! 

Also apart from the skincare I tried Sukins shampoo and conditioner but I sadly regret it because like I mentioned, my hair isn’t natural. I dye it consistently, have bleached it a few times now and I’ve gone through many chemical treatments. I admit I need a stronger hair product to properly clean my treat my hair. I’ll leave that to the next time I feel like blogging!

Lastly, I don’t know if it’s the fasting month or something I did or didn’t do, my face did break out a little last week. My mom told me it’s the lack of water and the scorching sun we had since Ramadan started. It looked like small bumps and heat rash. I don’t know but I’m glad I already went for my facial so it’s all under control now. Maybe it’s just my skin reminding me I need to go for my facial already. Heh. 


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