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WA Indian Ocean drive – Lancelin to Kalbarri day 2-4

it was a long long drive to Kalbarri and we arrived when the sun was setting. I remember the road into Kalbarri town itself was a long straight route within a national park. It was probably about 60km but I am not very sure of this. It was just reaaally far. 

Also we did see many road kill along the way. Dead kangaroos to be exact. (And others along the way) Within Kalbarri national park we put on the high beam because if we hadn’t we could’ve ran into a few kangaroos I’m sure. We saw 2 trying their best to hop over before we hit them. This is me the Jakun who has never seen a wild kangaroo. So wild lol 😂

When we finally got to Kalbarri Anchorage caravan park, we found our site but we had our neighbour guide us into the lot because it was too dark and well, no one had the experience of parking a caravan in between 2 lots (we had a corner lot the first time). We spoke briefly to Tom and Coby and found that they were Dutch but have lived in Perth for about 30 years. 

One thing we did note about caravan parks or caravaning is that the crowd is generally older. I don’t know if it is the cost or the very idea of caravaning. We hardly saw people our age, don’t even talk about seeing other Asians. We hardly saw any too. 

We settled in and I cooked again and here comes the part that isn’t too enjoyable about caravaning, the clearing of the toilet. It’s actually pretty easy but the thought of having to touch the cassette that contained our waste was pretty gross. Lol. We didn’t screw it up that much. Also cleaning the after cooking mess in a tiny sink is not my thing. 

The next morning (after a great sleep and the heater on lol) we were on our way to abseil. ABSEIL. But before abseiling we had to trek the river gorge.  Look at me guys, the only exercise I do is probably some running and some light weights but climbing rocks and stumbling over them is not me. I was worried of slipping and spraining my ankles especially. Climbing up was quite easy for me but going down wasn’t. 

It was beautiful, but the flies, which is a huge problem everywhere we go, really irritated me. I even had a fly or 2 in my mouth sometimes hahaha! It was probably because of the heat in the gorges. And everywhere else in the whole desert that’s the Indian Ocean Drive. 

So the abseiling itself was a recommended activity in Kalbarri (number 1 in TripAdvisor) it was a little expensive but it was worth the experience for me. I do have a fear of heights and I wasn’t sure if hanging by a harness and scaling down a cliff, backwards was going to be any help to my phobia. The guides were super experience and really good at distracting the first timers. I eventually did all the slopes that I could. Up to 45metres and that was enough for me. There was a top up of $20 if you wanna do the 70metre wall which is too scary for me. 

I was so so so tired after the whole thing because in between every abseil down, is a climb up. My thighs and butt got the worst of it. It hurt for 2 days after 😡 reminded me of the morning after an ABT class. Torturoussss!

Had our lunch again by the Murchison river and had transport back to the caravan park. Bf and I went out to the supermarket because we were joining the neighbours for dinner so we thought of getting drinks and also stock up for the ride. Kalbarri is a pretty town. And I finally had a flat white because there was a cafe just next to our site!

We left Kalbarri the morning after at about 8am and headed to Shark Bay next! Long drive too but we kinda got used to the distance!


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