Friends · Life

Make yourself good friends. 

I would say that the friends I have are God sent. It’s not a big circle but I have the people who matter in my life and I think that’s enough for me. (I hardly have time for myself) I’m glad my friends are reliable and I can trust them with my whole life 🙂

I have fell out with some people and I’m sure there are reasons to why we aren’t friends anymore. I don’t believe in ‘the closer you are, the worse you treat the person’ because I know some people are like that. Some people would mention and post/blog about everything their not-so-close friends did and how much fun they are, but never about you. But you’re always there to be the person who absorbs their emo shit problems when they need you to. They’ll just lash out their insecurities and suddenly you think lending your shoulder and resources to use, will make you a good friend. But no, this is truly abuse. And I’ve been there. Taken for granted and taken for a ride. Only because this is a side of them they don’t show their other friends. Maybe something in me changed and decided that being nice doesn’t pay when it comes to this. I accept that people grow apart. 

Then there’s the friend you see almost everyday but never really had the chance to befriend. Someone who is just linked to you by the closest friends you have but you could never hit it off with her. But I guess this is just an issue of incompatibility. Some relationships are just not meant to be. 

There are also friends who don’t understand you have a boyfriend. This is self explanatory. 

And also friends who consider you, competition. Keep you close and get really nosey about your daily life so that they can one-up you in everything you do. From the choices you make in fashion and make up, up til how you do your wedding, decorating your house, and maybe even when to have babies or what to name them. (Shrugs)

I’m not saying I have had all these friends before but I know some of them. Or rather knew. I forgive them because it’s easier to let it go, but I know things cannot go back to they way they were before. Maybe it’s just me getting older. Just like relationships I guess. I just consider them all.. Memories. They are just my mistakes in the past.

Make friends who you can count on when you are in need but make sure you are there for them. Don’t put a monetary value to your friendship because well, money does make the world go round and bring you down with it. Make friends who remind you to be a good person (or God, if they believe) and friends who are never jealous and arrogant because it will just be a tiring slope to climb. 


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