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WA Indian Ocean drive — Perth to Lancelin day 1-2

This is probably one of the best holidays I had. A road trip, with a caravan. 

A good estimate of this trip is about $1800 – $2000 per person for a total of 9 days but I’m sure we could’ve gone cheaper. This is inclusive of flight (~ $570pp), caravan hire (~$300-$500pp inclusive of insurance) and $1000 to spend (fuel most important, food, eating out, activities and emergency cash). 

We took an early morning flight to Perth. The tickets were bought 3 weeks prior to the trip so you can imagine how much pain I went through planning the trip. Haha. Initially the plan was to go by wheels up to Hatyai but the super sweet deal was too hard to resist. I would say it was a decent job on our planning part.

We went by SQ thanks to the pretty good deal we had (it was less than $100 more than Jetstar w/o the cargo, so obvious choice there) but the agony of waking up at 0400h after an afternoon shift, I cannot. As always I packed last minute so up til midnight, I was still packing. We were at the airport at about 0600h and checked in for our flight at 0700h. It was a nice cool morning, the only thing I like about mornings.


We arrived in Perth and got the Telstra SIM card which we read to have the best coverage even outside the city. It was $30 for a little data and some talk time/sms. Now you know why our connectivity was so limited. It was bought at the convenience store just after the customs clearance. 

Our vehicle is by Mighty. A caravan that sleeps 4. Equipped with a kitchen and a SMALL bath/toilet, heater or air conditioning if you like. Just like a small apartment on wheels. There is probably a misconception that it’s cheaper than staying in hotels but it’s not! But it was worth the convenience of travelling to many places that we couldn’t have done by just staying in Perth. Sure, you could rent a car and stay at proper resorts but that will cost a bomb. We took a cab to the pick up location it was about $30~ for a 15 minute ride. Welcome to Australia!


Picking the vehicle up was a breeze, we just needed to watch 3 videos (thank God we recorded them because of all the important instructions in them). By the time we were done, it was about 3pm. And all the while I was worried because the sun sets early in winter and everyone on TripAdvisor advised against driving in the dark. 

The first stop for us was the supermarket, and then we headed to our first overnight stay which was more like a pit stop just to rest before the real trip started. 

It was about a 2h drive to Guilderton Caravan Park from the Midlands area. We booked a powered site to use the electricity and all (best decision ever to just stick with powered sites– more about this later). Our site was by the Moore river but it was so dark and we were a little tired we just wanted to eat and sleep. What was amazing were the stars we saw in the sky. Everyone around us were also making dinner — perks of having a caravan. Our vehicle also had an awning, a table and chairs so we could sit outside to eat. Definitely something you won’t get in Singapore. But being a first timer I had a lot of reservations and paranoia. Because I was the only one doing all the cooking (I only had one job lol) and I was worried I’ll use up all the gas we had. 

And it was cold at night. Maybe we were unprepared but I slept with my gloves and socks on guys lol.
The next morning we woke up at 6.30am and it wasn’t particularly difficult to get up. The morning was super cold! We checked that temperatures could drop to 4 degrees C and honestly I think we were unprepared for the cold.

We drove for about a half hour to Lancelin to visit sand dunes! And sand board! One board from the roadhouse for was rented out for $20 for 3h and paid a deposit for $50. 2 persons to a board is enough for beginners like us heh. It was quite a walk from the parking space (only 4wd could enter the sandy area) to the dunes and while walking there we saw the bikes riding on the dunes. It looked like a whole lot of fun to be honest! And I’m sure it made my bf feel like doing the whole off road thing too. 

We had fun at the dunes but me being me I hate all these outdoorsy stuff and I did find the first few slides scary. After a while i had a lot of fun but I didn’t dare try the other things like sliding with my front, down (lol). The climb up after every slide down was so tiring and we had so much sand everywhere! even in my face haha!


Here’s also a video of me on my hundredth time maybe hahaha. Also I ditched the whole being fashionable wearing my Timberlands to just wearing my nike sports shoes because I just can’t handle foot aches. It’s my number 1 mood and energy drainer and the Timberlands were a little uncomfortable after awhile 😦

We had lunch (prepared in the caravan, totally feels like a road trip now) and had a pretty long drive to Kalbarri. 

Til the next post! I hope I can finish my trip report soon!


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