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On turning 27 (II)

It IS getting harder and harder to get my friends and family together for outings or meals. I know there are days people just want to switch off their social button, I have those days too. (I got it from my dad haha!) Plus it’s hard to synchronise our schedules when my friends work the 9-5 and im working most weekends. I’m glad we managed. 

i continued to celebrate my birthday with my mom at home (she cooked pasta!), my dad  sister and bil at Seoul Garden because we ran out of ideas and it was super impromptu, with my girls at Pince and Pints (yummy but a lil pricey) and my close friends at Royz et vous. That was a whole lot of birthday celebrations I’m blessed to have had. Im grateful to those who remember my birthday and took the time to wish me too. There is so much love in my world 🙂 

I wish to have good health always and to be truly happy. Most importantly, I also wish that I can forgive and forget all the grudges that I bear. It’s getting tiring to get pissed and unhappy from time to time. I hope I can do this. It’s actually one of my #30by30 goals. Haha. I read somewhere that it is liberating to forgive and i only have to let go of it myself. To really be happy. It’s not that I’m unhappy with my life or anything. I just would like to stop harbouring memories I have of some people that I’ve had for a long time now. I also want to be happy for others 🙂

And of course to be a better person. To gain knowledge as long as I can think and to travel for as long as I can stand. This life is made so much more meaningful when I broaden my mind and learn so much more about people and the world. It truly can be.





I dont need sooo many friends, just those who matter.


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