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Under-qualified movie buff

So a few weeks ago, B sent me a link to The Projector. It reminded me of the old and dingy Clementi theatre. But with all the works that makes the average hipster breathe heavy. It even has a nice cafe (not fully opened yet) that serves light bites and drinks.

The Projector reminds me of a bigger community theatre we went in Phnom Penh. But the ticket prices here are at least 3x more expensive than in Cambodia. (The Flicks)

The Projector’s Redrum was where we watched Birdman


I bet when sitting through a long movie, its better to be seated with the beanbags. The seats look really uncomfortable to me!

I enjoy all sorts of movies. I’m not an enthusiast or the type who only watches a certain type of movies. I watch mainstream comedies and chick flicks and i watch french films (throwback to freaking Lemming, our first french film together LOLOLOL), i watch classics, print to screens and what they call indie films. Sometimes i just want to watch an animation, like Despicable Me and be left alone to do so. Or when i PMS. Like music, i listen to most genres. I’m pretty easy to please 🙂

I do have a favourite genre though, i love utopian/dystopian movies. I was exposed to or rather, forced to take Literature in JC. I had no background in it and honestly had no interest in it in the beginning.. I dont know how i changed my view on Literature because over time i grew a liking for the classes. In my time i did classics (including a Shakespeare play), utopian studies and practical criticism. I think the most important thing i have learnt is to criticise a work based on certain markers, not based on feelings and opinion. But all these were in the past.

I have a liking for the recent Hunger Games, Divergent or even that Maze runner movie. I’ve watched the older ones like Clockwork Orange and The Handmaid’s Tale (which i read in school) and enjoyed it a lot. I enjoy reading the analysis of these movies or books, if you like. I know some of these movies weren’t done well enough for some critics but, the books often and usually offer much more. Its just me being lazy. I dont wish to read the whole series, i just want the quick compressed version of these dystopias.


I have a 30by30 challenge and it is to read 100 books. I guess this will be a good start. I need suggestions though…


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