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On turning 27 (1)

I think i have to come to terms to being in my late 20s. Its the point where you start to sigh while circling, Age: 25-30. But as much as i dread growing up and absorbing more and more adult responsibilities (IM GLAD they didn’t come too quickly), i think it’s not that bad to be older. I’m positive about it 🙂 this is me speaking now, 10 years ago me was angsty, unsettled, rebellious and obviously unhappy. So much has changed, for the better. I mean look at me… Dangerous only to little roaches heh.

This year’s celebration, compared to the preceeding years in my 20s, was toned down by heaps and bounds. I’ve turned older overseas, in the company of friends and strangers, I’ve grown up in crazy places we now just talk about with some fond and some not so fond memories. I’ve also grown older while with my family. And with my closest friends i consider family now. 🙂

On 18 april i had my first celebration with my bf’s family. Coincidentally the in-laws of the family were born in April (including me memehehe). We ate at Sakura which I’ve not been to in a long long time. They actually improved a lot since the last time. The food’s much better and the variety is bigger now. I was there for the salmon everything!


And of course this boy..

Thing is i need to quit buffets because i’ve put on so much weight, 6kg urghh, since 2 years ago. Its crazy but its true. It happens to me, the girl who literally had a runway for chest and ass in school. I was underweight most of the time but i like my ass better la now. Thank you and no thank you metabolism.

So i digress. We then went to see b’s brother’s/SIL’s new home (his mom very smoothly said it was me who wanted to see the new place HAHAHA). Its sooo cosy! I love simple and clean home designs… We got reminded yet again that our house is coming.

i also received an IKEA card! Can’t wait to use it but i cant decide what to get though…

I took a few days off work because i can! And i’d rather work on the weekends anyway. I did some chores, watched movies and had time to myself.

On my birthday itself, mom woke me up by poking me on my cheeks to wish me and then reminded me to clean my room. Thanks maaaa. I met b after lunch, and im so proud of my make up skillz that day lololol.


I only took 45min to get my hair and make up done. I even had the time to put stupid red dots in the corner of my eyes and shadows on my outer lower lash to make my lashes look ‘heavier’ (HAHAHAHA marilyn monroe make up tips guys)

We went to Trickeye museum, which was something I’ve been wanting to do and dined at The Ocean Restaurant at RWS’ SEA Aquarium. Amazing amazing amazing! The view was so amazing because we sat near the aquarium. I know i’m in trouble because im running out of places to dine at with him on special occasions.


Sorry i casted a shadow on ur face heh.

The service was great! im glad everywhere i go with my bf, we have been served really nicely. Maybe because we both have customer service experience and we know it pays to be nice customers. I can’t stand people who are arrogant and i have dined with people who are like that, i do feel embarrassed. Does it kill to be nice to others?

The food was delicious, but bb mentioned something that disturbed me a little. We were being watched by fishes, while we had fish. I do hope its a one way glass/mirror for them in there.

In between Trickeye and dinner, we had time so we drove to Quayside Isle where we celebrated his birthday last year (another amazing restaurant!). We just walked about and took some photos. It was a hot hot day.


I don’t know how i ended up with a pink and navy coordination that day. It works though!

Ill blog again soon!


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