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#30by30 get an apartment part 1

I admit i’m not a homely person. Don’t get me wrong, heh. Im not that useless. I still do my chores. i hope i won’t have a hard time understanding why and if my future kids don’t like staying home. :p BUT there are occasional days, like today, i stay home the whole day to laze and read in the quiet.

I do love the idea of my own space, having a home that is really.. ours (because, bf). i believe that, hey ill eventually be married, why not start learning to be independent? Culturally, we don’t move out by 18, live on our own and fend for ourselves (lol) but there is a point where we should all start taking care of ourselves and our spouses before the children come along. And since i’ve found the person who’s going to live with me forever (haha! hopefully!), we bought an apartment!

I didn’t tell my parents about the application nor did i announce it when we were applying because i think there was no need to get excited before getting anything. That’s really my bf talking sense into me, eh? And I’m not one to document these journeys, taking photos of my official letters or the exact appointment dates/details and all so i must be really boring now.

This number 2 goal will be an ongoing post, hopefully, from now on because i havent really gotten anything except for photos of our home being built (our apartment is already up!! Hurray!!)

This Skypeak BTO project was launched on Mar 2013. Isn’t it scary how it’s already 2015? I remember pretty vaguely that my bf told me about the launch of this project as i was checking out of Sydney. I ended up excited (must be one of happiest days working out of SYD) and we applied right after i touched down, changed out and hair let loose like a mad woman. LOL.

I don’t really have an issue of where i stay. My work life revolves around the eastern armpit of Singapore, my parents and bf’s parents are in the west. Alas, homes in my area now are really expensive and i guess timing sucks because there aren’t any new places going up in time for us here in Commonwealth.

We decided to sign up for it because its about 7 minutes by foot to the Bukit Batok Stn, (on a side note i dont appreciate living facing the tracks though), its near the PIE and Jurong East central which is, to my surprise, on its way to being a lil Orchard Rd. Also, we did read the URA future plans and development in JE and thought that its fast becoming a hub, it may add good value to this place. It was quite an informed decision i think (thank God for the bf). Honestly who would’ve thought that so much backstory was needed to decide on where to live. Before this i used to think that we should live near our parents or workplace but there is an important element that many people dont consider, change in the environment and situation around you.

So the process was to fill the online form, paid the administrative fees and wait. It was a painful wait. And then getting news that our queue number was more than double the amount of flats available.

We had to thank our lucky stars for a chance (racial quota, surprise, surprise. I was really surprised). First time lucky.

When the time came, we went for the appointment, looked at the model of the project (it was like 8am zzz) and cross referenced with the flats available, and decided. Pretty much on the spot. Paid the option fee. And waited for the next appointment to sign the Lease and pay the first downpayment. We were called on less than a month after the selection although i read in forums that it was about a 2 month wait. Oh, i remembered sending in a whole lot of pay slips. Tough times.

That’s that! We saw our new address.

Here are the photos i am thankful to my future neighbours for sharing in the FB group. I am really a useless neighbour! We did visit the site but you know how it is with us, our excitement level only went up once when applying, once more at first appointment and once the day we saw our apartment already up.

The foundation works


August 2014, the stacking of some blocks already started.

Skypeak group in FB

Also from ownhome.sg. Taken in December 2014.


Oh and a night shot! Lol. Thanks to all my future neighbours! 🙂


À post prochain!


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