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if i could buy me new hair

My 3 month experiment with ‘no poo’ is finally realised!

What I did
– washed my hair with water (almost everyday), ACV Solution (once a week) and i use egg yolk on days after i oil my hair (whenever i feel like it)
– I use coconut oil or avocado oil on nights and sleep in it.

– my hair dropped less
– the ends are still dry because they were chemically treated/damaged
– more natural volume in my hair even without a blowdry
– sometimes it gets greasy
– sometimes, its dry and i feel like i need to oil it everyday which is hard work!

So yesterday i decided to take a short break from this ‘no poo’ and go ‘low poo’ instead. I went to Chapter 2 to dive into the Global Keratin treatment (some places call it the Brazilian Blowout or just keratin but they are similar!)

I wanted to do it because i had enough of my damaged hair and i realised that no poo would work better with virgin or hair that has been… reset (??) I think i will be growing out my hair now after a year with short hair.

So before i did the keratin treatment, i did my Nioxin scalp treatment.

The stylist massaged a pre treatment solution on my scalp and left it on for awhile, then washed my hair (first wash in 3 mths lol) and applied the cool gel. Went back to my seat and put on a cap thingy attached to a machine. It was really cold but it wasn’t unbearable. About 15minutes later, went for a rinse


GK Keratin treatment

1. Washed my hair with a Keratin clarifying shampoo and left it on for 10 minutes. This was to strip my hair off all the junk.
2. Blow dried and sectioned my hair to apply the Keratin cream which i found out was called ‘the Best’ LOL onto my hair. She started about 1.5inches to 2 inches away from the roots (to keep the volume) and rubbed it in with gloved hands.
3. This went on


This part was quick because my hair type was fine and i didn’t have a lot of frizz, just damaged ends so i was only in that for about 15minutes. The thicker, coarser your hair is, the longer you have to sit in that.
4. Rinsed my hair


6. The last part which was pretty crucial was to seal the keratin into my hair at a heat of 450 degrees F/ or 230 degrees C. (Thats very hot in Oven Talk) it is done with a flat iron.


1. Not to wash or tie or clip my hair for 2-3 days.. basically make it lie FLAT. Urgh
2. Use a keratin shampoo (i bought a bottle of the GK Moisturizing shampoo) i plan to incorporate my ‘low poo’ by still using water/acv/oils and use the shampoo occasionally. Shampoos that are recommended are those without the Sulfate. I think there are many brands out there!
3. Treatment lasts for 4-6 mths depending on how well you take care of it

The benefits of doing this treatment is having less frizzy, tangled, damaged looking hair… more shiny, smoother without having to rebond or straighten it. It cuts blowdrying and styling time into half which is great for lazy me. And, the more you do it, the stronger and more healthier your hair will be because you are giving it more keratin.

These are not without downsides though because i read about the treatment containing called formaldehyde. I was assured that GK was HSA approved. And that was enough for me. Considering that i only expose myself for short amounts of time, what about the stylists who have to do it day in and day out? Every review i read told me to do research and decide whether it is for me or not at the end of it.

LASTLY i had my haircut. Because my fringe was long and flat, my stylist this time told me to cut straight fringe (not the thick bangs! Which i liked but i don’t think i can pull that off anymore). I like fringe because it adds some character into the look. My bf hates the bangs look so i better steer clear of that right after the 2 days is up and i can sweep it sideways. I also shaped up my bob and i hope it grows out nicely like Olivia Palermo’s without the centre parting of course. Nyehehe. I must be dreaming right?

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