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#30by30: know my body part 1


I did my first comprehensive medical screening last year in December and I just received the results

I went to Dayspring Health Screeners at Paragon and one of the reasons why i went for it was, honestly because I had a corporate-linked offer. I have been sitting around for about 2 years on having a medical screening and it’s mainly because i have a phobia of things unknown and of going to the doctor (l like webmd.)

i think i’ve started to slowly get over it and I believe that knowing your health status is important because you can fix it, and some things need fixing early.  Plus, wasn’t 16 yesterday 😦 i admit my metabolism has gone down, but the appetite is still the same. I have to exercise more.

So… when should you go for health screening?


These are the basics tests. There are far more tests for almost everything in your body.. and the HPB website has a lot of information on health screenings (the who, what, where, why, and hows)

The package i opted for included the following:

Blood pressure
Fat analysis

Urine test: chemistry, microscopy

Blood tests (3 vials): cholesterol, glucose, hepatitis A/B, liver profile, bone/joint function, kidney profile, syphillis, thyroid function, cancer markers (liver, colon, lungs and ovaries), haematology (the full blood work!)

The only thing that required a follow up for me was the absence of a Hep A vaccine. The risk for people who eat lots of seafood (!!!) is higher.

Thank God, everything else seems to be in good order. Although the disclaimer did tell me that good results may not necessarily mean good health and i should not be complacent about my diet.. especially my diet.

The whole thing took me less than 45min. 5 minutes to register and fill up the questionnaire and some waiting time in between. I think the whole testing time took me about 10 minutes. But of course the waiting and queuing at the small toilet stretched it a little.

And it took them about 2 weeks to deliver my results to me 🙂


I guess this is a big step towards  regular visits (hopefully for the right reasons). My next full check up will be next year i think?

With this goal #1, I need to be motivated to 1. Eat well. Although i know i cant stop my junk food, I’ll try to have a balanced diet and of course make better choices with what i consume. I know i should stop consuming rubbish. 2. Be more active. 3. Listen to my body. (But not get overly paranoid) 4. Pamper myself every now and then. (Spas! Massages! Hehehe) Because having a healthy body means having a healthy, stress-free mind.

I promise to take better care of myself from now on!


2 thoughts on “#30by30: know my body part 1

    1. You can go and check out Dayspring.. its really quick or u can ask your company if they have any clinics tt u may have special discounts with.. this was my first thorough check!

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